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ALL FLIGHT ATTENDANTS: Please fill out our survey.

The FAMRI Bland Lane Center of Excellence on Second Hand Smoke at UCSF has just launched an online secondhand smoke registry for flight attendants. All flight attendants please CLICK HERE and fill out this questionnaire on your health and secondhand smoke exposure history (if any), so that we can learn more about the effects of secondhand smoke exposure on your health. You will receive feedback on your exposure level and periodic updates on what we find.

For more information, please contact FAMRI@ucsf.edu.


FAMRI Clinic Satellite Sites

In addition to our San Francisco Clinical Practice at UCSF Mission Bay, we now have an additional clinic in Los Angeles. 

Soon to come:  SFO Medical Clinic, SFO airport, international terminal.


Furthermore, a separate FAMRI clinical study is designed to investigate the effects of chronic exposure to secondhand smoke for the purpose of early detection and cure of diseases associated with tobacco smoke.  This study includes rest and/or exercise lung function testing, CT scans, sputum induction and longitudinal follow-up.  All current and former non-smoking pre-ban flight attendants, who are at least age 40 with a minimum of 5 years flight experience, are welcome to participate in this study.  Costs are borne by UCSF FAMRI.  Participation in this study is separate from the online questionnaire.


Participants will be paid from $50-$300, depending on which parts of the study they complete, 6-8 weeks upon completion of your appointment.  In addition, you will be given vouchers for parking at UCSF and for lunch at the UCSF cafeteria or Starbucks. Please view our study consent form below, for detailed information about participating in our clinical study. 


For additional information or to make an appointment, you can call us at (415) 221-4801 extension 4009.


Check out our Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/FAMRI.Bland.Lane
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