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The Buzzfeed article reported that I “stole credit for her work.”  As explained in detail in a June  21, 2017 letter to the journal from the UCSF Associate Vice Chancellor and Research Integrity Officer, Chairman of the Department of Medicine, and Director of the Cardiovascular Research Institute, “the reason that Dr. Glantz did not include Dr. Neeley as an author when he initially submitted the manuscript on May 26, 2017 was that, despite repeated requests, Dr. Neeley had refused to grant Dr. Glantz permission to include her as an author on the paper.”    The full letter is available here.  

Note:  The journal to which the paper was originally submitted, Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers and Prevention,” sent the paper out to review.  While the reviews saw the science as sound, the journal rejected the paper on priority as not being of sufficient interest to their specific audience.  This is not unusual for high impact journals; the paper is now under review at another journal

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