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In the target="_blank";AP wire story on our analysis of the California marijuana initiative, Dr. Donald Lyman, a co-proponent of the initiative and former chief of the California Department of Public Health’s Division of Chronic Disease and Injury Control, said, “With due respect to Ms. Barry and Dr. Glantz and their unquestionably proud legacy in the field of tobacco research, their analysis is not just factually inaccurate in several key areas but its fundamental premise - that marijuana must be regulated exactly like tobacco - represents an awkward minority opinion not widely shared within the public health community.”
Except for the Tobacco Education Research and Oversight Committee, which oversees the California Tobacco Control Program, the public health community <em;has </em;been very quiet.
It is time for the public health organizations, particularly the American Heart Association, American Cancer Society, American Lung Association, Breathe California, and Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights, to get off the fence, read the initiative and our analysis of it, then take a public position.
Right now, silence is agreement (with Dr. Lyman).

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