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The American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network (ACS CAN), the American Cancer Society’s advocacy affiliate, has not taken a position on legalization of marijuana for medical purposes because of the need for more scientific research on marijuana’s potential benefits and harms. Nor have we taken a position on the legalization of recreational marijuana. However, ACS CAN opposes the smoking or aerosoalization of marijuana and other cannabinoids in public places because the carcinogens in marijuana smoke pose numerous health hazards to the user and others in the user’s presence. Consequently, ACS CAN reached out to all the proponents of proposed initiative measures to legalize recreational use of marijuana to advocate that each explicitly provide that all current and future local and state laws that regulate second hand tobacco smoke apply to marijuana as well. And that there be no local preemption for jurisdictions that might wish to impose stronger regulation. Beyond that, ACS CAN has no policy on whether or how marijuana should be regulated. The American Cancer Society did not take a position on the 1996 ballot initiative (Prop 215) to legalize medicinal marijuana and ACS CAN (which assumed the advocacy function of ACS in 2012) does not anticipate taking a position on any initiative to legalize recreational marijuana that might qualify for the ballot this year.
<strong;Jim Knox</strong; | Vice President, Government Relations - California

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