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The e-cig advocates are pounding on the claim that the California Dept of Public Health is spending $75 million on this campaign. 
That's sounded like a wild exaggeration to me, so I asked the Department what it was really costing.  Here is what they told me:
"The $75 million figure popped up from the American for Taxpayers Reform. It give the impression it’s for  one year and all for e-cigarettes. This is far from the funding reality and here’s background.
"There was an advertising campaign RFP released back in Dec 2013. The California Tobacco Control Program, Advertising Campaign RFP was for <strong;<em;up to</em;</strong; $75 million for a five year period, contingent upon annual appropriation of revenues available. &nbsp;Of course this means up to $15 million/year. &nbsp;It was specified in the RFP that the actual amounts may be lower (which it is). &nbsp;The resulting advertising campaign contract awarded was for &nbsp;<em;up to</em; $75 million over a five year period, but annual funding varies based upon appropriation of revenues by the State Legislature and approval by the Governor. &nbsp;
"For fiscal year 14-15, the media campaign’s budget was $11.03 million, and the total budget for the California Tobacco Control Program was $42 million. &nbsp;Of our media budget, approximately $7 million is being spent on this effort."

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