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At the shareholders' meeting, Mr. Iger said, "we are extending our policy to prohibit smoking in movies across the board, Marvel, Lucas, Pixar, Disney films...".  This list does not include Touchstone, which is the Disney brand that has released most of the Disney movies with smoking.
First, we need to clarify whether this was just an inadvertent omission and that the policy will include <em;all </em;Disney brands (i.e., across the board) or whether it just applies to the bands that Iger listed.&nbsp; Hopefully it will be the former.
Second, we need to clarify that the policy applies to all films that Disney <em;distributes</em;, not just the films that it produces.&nbsp; This is a loophole that several other studios have hidden behind.&nbsp; Again, hopefully "across the board" includes these films, too.
These issues should be resolved in the formal published policy when Disney makes it available.

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