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The English climate change denier and “scientist”, Viscount Matt Ridley, who here't-discourage-vaping.aspx";http://ww... encourages us to “glamourise” electronic cigarettes, here very recently directly misquotes and therefore arguably misleads The House of Lords regarding the Cochrane paper on ENDS here
 He states:
 "Viscount Ridley (Conservative) To ask Her Majesty’s Government whether they will consider encouraging rather than discouraging the spread of vaping, in the light of the Cochrane review of e-cigarettes published on 17 December 2014 which found that e-cigarettes were more effective as an aid to quitting smoking than any other method."
 As we know, and as is clearly stated, the paper actually states:
 “We could not determine if EC was better than a nicotine patch in helping people stop smoking because the number of participants in the study was low.”
 It is a great shame when allegedly eminent and powerful “scientists” directly misquote key papers to others: whilst debating in Parliament. To advocate glamourising the devices, before the science on them is complete, is surely reckless.
 Dave Bareham.

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