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Dr. Farsalinos' papers in this edition of the Journal acknowledge funding from the E-Cigarette Research Advocates Group. ("The study was funded by a funding campaign of E-Cigarette Research Advocates Group, the owners of the website"; . This is a non-profit group of e-cigarette users  with no relation to the electronic cigarette or other industry. The website does not promote or present any electronic cigarette product and do not accept any advertisements. The sole purpose of the group is to inform about research conducted on electronic cigarettes.....")
The website";http://www.ecigarette-... provides a similar statement. I may have missed something; but I was not able to find any information on who is in the group, what the organisation entails, how it is funded or what it does. Virtually all the postings appear to be by Dr. Farsalinos, and the "Contact" tab directs readers to Dr. Farsalinos.
It would be good to have some more information on this group, and the measures it takes to ensure that there is indeed no direct or indirect industry funding.
Mike Daube

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