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We all <STRONG;still await the full, peer reviewed publication </strong;of the ASH England data . . . . they confirmed to me yesterday that this is still in process.
Then, all can make a<STRONG; </strong;fully informed assessment of this data.
A colleague has asked for a copy of the presentation ASH made at PHE exibition: this is, unfortuantely, unavailable.
YouGov polls apparently have this usual methodolgy in the over-18s:";
Did the methodology differ for this 11-18year old population? Awaiting feedback from YouGov on this . . . .
What exactly are the “incentives”? "&nbsp;Everyone taking part receives a modest cash incentive for doing so." according to YouGov. Are we <EM;sure</em; they do not&nbsp;effect these on-line&nbsp;respondents?
YouGov as per link: "Once the survey is complete, the final data are then statistically weighted to the national profile of all adults aged 18+". But ASH data states:
“Based on the 84% of a sample of unweighted base of 2068 11-18 year olds, who had heard of electronic cigarettes”
Some&nbsp; have already taken the ASH data as "strong evidence". I think, personally, I would like to see the full paper and methodology, before making any firm conclusions . . . . I am sure that is what would be stated of data&nbsp;indicating a gateway effect???&nbsp;
David Bareham

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