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On May 9, 2014, the American Cancer Society, American Lung Association, American Heart Association, Legacy, and the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids /sites/" target="_blank";wrote the FDA calling on it to deny Philip Morris/Altria's and the American Cigar Association's request to extend the public comment period on the deeming rule for another 75 days.
My favorite part of their letter was this:
Although the deeming rule does present a large number of questions for resolution, stakeholders have had three years since FDA first announced its intention to promulgate such a proposed rule in which to formulate their positions. None of the subjects covered in the proposed rule comes as a surprise. Moreover, industry representatives spent months presenting detailed arguments with regard to these subjects in meetings with the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, all of which are publicly documented. The idea that the industry, with all its resources, is somehow unable to formulate its position on these issues within the time period established in the proposed regulation is ludicrous.
A copy of the full letter is/sites/" target="_blank"; here.

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