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I think it should be noted that all E Cig fluids are made in China currently and the tobacco fluid is from Chinese tobacco leaf  where human waste is used as as a fertilizer. Chinese air pollution is absorbed by humans and exits in the waste accounting for the extremely high levels of heavy metals in all Chinese cigarettes. 
Both RJR and PM stated in their press releases that they will only use American made fluids that they deemed of high quality. If one reads between the lines  they realize what is in the Chinese product and by eliminating or lowering the toxins  could argue their product is safer.
Caution is indicted in approaching the problem as a toxicity problem and playing into their hands. 
Of concern is the very high levels of propylene glycol which ranges from 50 up percent of the fluid.  As user will take 50 to 80 bouts of 80 ml of E Cigarette fluid per day and no one has computed the risk. PG is listed in a number of toxicity data bases as a lung irritant and thee are some animal studies but no human. 
Eclipse used glycerine and for some reason the Chinese PG. it could be cost.
A major importance is the constituents in the flavor fluid that comprise about 15 that have very potent effects on abuse liability and little data available on effects. 
Without the flavor ingredients e cigarettes appear to be rejected as was Eclipse, Accord and Premier for poor performance in  providing or surprising nicotine effects.
Greg Connolly

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