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E-cigarettes are definitely expected to deliver more chemicals to the user than clean air. And nicotine inhaler is delivering more toxic chemicals than clean air.
I wish everyone can quit smoking by using clean air. Next best thing, i wish the can quit smoking by using a nicotine inhaler. And now, let's discuss about the 85-95% of smokers who cannot do that. Unf-ortunately, smoking addiction is not only about nicotine, it is about pleasure, sensory (visual, gustatory, olfactory) and motor stimulation. That is why de-nicotinized cigarettes were effective in suppressing tobacco abstinence symptoms, as et al have shown. 
Going back to the study by et al, they also published another table, shown below:
                             Conventional cigarette     Electronic cigarette        Ratio
Formaldehyde               1.6–52                           0.20–5.61                     9
Acetaldehyde                52–140                          0.11–1.36                    450
Acrolein                         2.4–62                          0.07–4.19                       15
Toluene                         8.3–70                          0.02–0.63                      120
NNN                           0.005–0.19                  0.00008–0.00043            380
NNK                            0.012–0.11                 0.00011–0.00283              40
In other words, e-cigarette emits 9-450-fold less chemicals compared to tobacco.
The issue is not whether e-cigarettes are safer than nicotine inhaler. They are not (although i am not sure if the levels detected can have any measurable risk for health). The issue is what should we do for the vast majority of smokers who are unable to quit with currently approved medical methods. For these people, e-cigarette SHOULD be available as a less harmful alternative.
Konstantinos Farsalinos

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