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Given target="_blank";Mike Siegel's criticism of my interpretation of the results in the target="_blank";Goniewicz paper, I checked with the authors about why and how they used the nicotine inhaler to compare it with the levels of toxins inhaled from ecigarettes.  Here is what Maciej Goniewicz said:
"The inhalator was used as a comparator. Nicotine inhalator was puffed exactly the same way as ecig. There were 15 series of 10 puffs. All test were repeated 3 times with new cartridge.
"We also had blank sample - just indoor air puffed the same way (included in the table as 'Blank sample')."
<strong;<em;So this is a fair comparison.</em;</strong;
Siegel also ignores the fact that five of the carcinogens and reproductive toxins found in ecig vapor were not detected at all in the nicotine inhaler:&nbsp; acrolein, toluene, p,m,-xylene, NNN, and NNK.
His statement that nicotine inhaler users consume 16 cartridges a day -- the central point in his calculation -- is inconsistent with data on actual use.&nbsp; The " target="_blank";Nicotrol website reports that in one of their clinical trials participants used a minimum of 4 to a maximum of 20 cartridges per day.&nbsp;&nbsp; Thus, while some users may consume 16 cartridges a day, it is certainly not the typical number.
The /sites/" target="_blank";product monograph for the inhaler used in the Goniewicz study, Nicorette says to individualize the dose but general advice is to use 6-12 cartridges per day for 3 months. On " target="_blank";another site summarizing the nicotrol product use it says people use an average of 6 cartridges per day and a maximum of 16.
A broader point is that the inhaler is FDA regulated and has standard low levels of these toxins while the e-cigarette samples are all over the board and the products differ so much especially in terms of cartridge and battery size that you don't know how much toxic chemicals a user is exposed to.

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