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no matter how much lower the second-hand exposure is, there is exposure and e-cig smokers should be banned from smoking indoors in a public place, do you agree Dr. Protero? I've recently gotten into an argument with the e-cig smoker who was smoking inside the tourist boat with about 50 people in a small place including my 2 little boys. While we were trying to enjoy the glass-bottom view of the coral reef off FL Keys, I don't want my boys or myself to be smoked next to, e-cig or regular cig, do you agree with me on that? Well, the man actually cussed at me when I mentioned to the boat crew that he's smoking. Listen, I don't want to ban them from everywhere - I've been a smoker and quit 15 years ago after many tries. What I don't want them to do is to smoke in an enclosed public space - is that too much to ask? Please write to me mailto:[email protected]";

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