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The only true places where OSHA standards would not apply would be in a private place. You really can not go anywhere where not one person is working, or it is considered their work area. If you are in an area that is not covered by some sort of standard covered by OSHA, then you are in an open area, presumably a traditional smoking allowed area. By saying that OSHA PEL is only applicable to "Hazardous work conditions" would mean that workers in those conditions should also be getting hazardous pay. This is something that can lead into Unions fighting for their employees. That being said, this topic would typically apply to restaurants, airports, malls, etc. What is the EPA or OSHA PEL for these areas as of now? I am certain that in restaurants, the exhaust from the kitchen is causing something. In airports and on the plane, the air from the ventilation system is being recycled while emissions from electronics is being distributed in the air. And in Malls, How many pollutants are flying around from the glues in most new plastics, paints, and items typically sold in Malls. Not to mention the by product from cleansing chemicals. As a smoker, I agreed with the anti smoking law indoors. I hate the Casinos in Las Vegas because of this, and I am a smoker. I prefer to go outside and smoke. However, I do not see the harm from e-cigarette exhaust. It is odorless, and taste less.   I do however see the danger influencing children, hence, making it cool to smoke. But that should be an entirely other topic. Also, how do you get all those by-products from simple Propelyne Glycol or Vegetable Glycerine? I personally only use 100% USP Vegetable Glycerine in my e-cigarette. How does my body turn it into a toxic substance? Given this, shouldn't the area of focus be directed towards the e-juice industry and not the actual delivery product it's self? Just a smoker, chiming in. Please respond. I do not want to offend anybody. Just trying to get a good grip on this topic as well. I have just quit smoking thanks to my e-cig product. I think it may have just saved my life, or at the very least, given me a few more years with my children. Richard  

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