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Here is a summary of information presented by participants in the ALEC meeting in support of smokeless tobacco:
- Dr. Brad Rodu presented his studies that said that moving people to
smokeless tobacco would eliminate 98 percent of the risk associated
with smoking and be a good public policy move. He said states should
structure their tobacco taxes in a way to reflect
that risk. He also said that state agencies should provide information
to people that accurately reflects the reduced risk of smokeless
- Former U.S. Rep. Steve Buyer of Indiana said that agencies are
lying to smokers about the risk and compared it to sex education, saying
that while abstinence is preferable, risk control is better than the
"quit or die" approach.
- Sen. Niederhauser presented an ALEC resolution urging states to
enact tax policies that reflect the comparative risks and that states
provide accurate information about the harms of smokeless tobacco and
These policy positions are concerning given the lack of credible, independent evidence to suggest that smokeless/dissolvable products have decreased harmful effects or that they have any efficacy as cessation products.  
Is anyone aware of Dr. Rodu's funding sources?

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