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Dear Stan,
Those (including the LA Times) who are complicit with the tobacco
industry should pay. I know it is difficult to make the industry truly
accountable since they only care about the bottom line and they are willing to
use all kinds of hidden deceits and front groups for their cause. Yet, in
response to a post by Ed Sweda on the Altria Shareholders' Meeting, I wrote the
June 8, 2012 at 4:27 am
How might one make those
who won’t be accountable, accountable? Given that the visibility of tobacco
industry efforts (buying the Prop 29 vote, for example) further discredits the
industry, they continually hide their actions through front groups. Since the
industry will do and spend all they can to defeat public health and responsible
policy, it is near impossible to make them truly accountable. Yet, those
complicit with the industry should be held accountable by the public so industry
interference is drastically reduced. My question,
“Why does no one hold
these partners of deceit accountable?” 

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