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Local retailer compete all day everyday with guys that sell cigarettes brought in from Mexico and sold on the streets for a fraction of the retail price.  Black market cigarettes are not taxed and no one is responsible for looking out for minors.
Local Mom & Pop businesses suffer, excise, sales and employment taxes decline.  Voters have fallen for this same tired old song and dance for far too long.  Government, both state and federal reap more revenue from the sale of a pack of cigarettes than evil big tobacco.  The tax revenue has been wasted on one costly useless program after another.  In the meantime, schools suffer, real health care suffers, public safety suffers and the Golden State is not so golden anymore.  We are becoming the laughing stock of the nation.  
High taxes are driving business and residents from the state.  It is time to rethink using taxation to bully social agendas.

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