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When I worked as a consultant with WHO/TFI from 1998-2004 it was bruited about that despite Unicef's signing on to tobacco control under the CRC, the agency's heart wasn't in it. Carol Bellamy was Executive Director of Unicef from 1995-2005. In her previous political career she had a small flirtation, may I say, with Philip Morris when running for the post of New York State Comptroller. PM's lobbyist in Albany met with her on October 26, 1990 to discuss her position on the state's pension fund and divestment of tobacco stocks. The lobbyist reported: "Bellamy was emphatic in her response '...I do not like cigarettes, I believe they cause health problems, my father died of cancer.'" But, she continued, her main responsibility as Comptroller would be to achieve greatest return and therefore,"I would not support disinvestment." The lobbyist went on: "She summed up her comments by saying, 'I like Philip Morris...I think it is a great company'." The lobbyist's memo continues: "Wanting to be supportive of her candidacy, I invited her to lunch at headquarters during the transition period following the election. She graciously accepted." In the event, Bellamy lost.

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