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No.  75% are dual using.  As I said above, while e-cigs do help some people quit, for most smokers they reduce the liklihood of quitting.  We published a meta-analysis of this a couple years ago that showed that, on average, smokers who use e-cigs are about 1/3 less likely to stop smoking than smokers who don't use e-cigs.  There have been several more studies of this question since we published that paper, but the overall conclusion has been stable.

If people want to quit smoking, they should use FDA-approved therapies with counselling.  The counselling is important because without it, like e-cigs, these therapies reduce the liklihood of quitting.  (That's why some of the cigarette companies are also selling NRT: to keep people smoking cigarettes.)

If someone insists on trying e-cigs to quit smoking, I tell them they need to quit smoking immediately.  "Transitioning" usually means transitioning to continued smoking cigarettes.

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