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Subject: Re: RCT comparing e-cigs to NRT shows effectiveness in a supervised smoking cessation program: what it does and does not mean [EXTERNAL] [Bulk]

​I'm a bit confused .Did not the NRT group get a 3 m supply of products and ecigs starter pack and 1 bottle ejuice. I wondered if the NRT groups did the 3 months and then stopped nicotine replacement and after 1 y 9.9% still remained abstinent NOT just from tobacco but also nicotine. Whereas, in the ecig goup 80% of thse who stopped smoking continued abstinent from cigarettes but NOT abstinent from nicotine. So if my interpretation is correct and we redefine successful sustained abstinence as including both of cigarettes and nicotine. Then in fact the rate in the NRT group is twice as successful in sustained abstinence as ecigs. Am I missing something here?

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