The Center offers a wide range of educational and training programs, including a broad interdisciplinary postdoctoral training program, and active seminar program, education on nicotine addiction its treatment and community workshops for training in the use of tobacco industry documents for research, education and advocacy.


As part of its outreach efforts, the CTCRE provides free online resources to health professional students, clinicians, UCSF faculty members and other members of the health care community. These resources include practical, evidence-based tools to promote smoking cessation in the community. They are geared to health care professionals and others working on the front lines of intervention. The tools address intervention in various medical and psychiatric fields and include links to other comprehensive resources for both professionals and their patients. Read more »


The CTCRE at UCSF coordinates many lectures and seminars regarding Tobacco Research and Education. Read more »


Our Postdoctoral Fellowship offers diverse educational and research opportunities, including a grant writing seminar, graduate research positions, advocacy training, and individualized documents training. Read more »