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Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Menthol Papers

Valerie Yerger, ND
Assistant Adjunct Professor
Sep 27 2010 - 4:00pm
School of Nursing N217

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is currently evaluating the use of menthol as a characterizing flavor in some cigarettes and had requested a review of tobacco industry documents to answer questions regarding a number of menthol-related topics. A research team from UCSF produced several white papers, providing documentary evidence of what the tobacco industry knows about these topics. Valerie Yerger, one of the tobacco documents researchers on the UCSF team, will present the papers covering menthol’s potential effects on smoking topography, dependence, and health effects. These presentations are being videotaped for the FDA Tobacco Products Scientific Advisory Committee.

1. Menthol Sensory Qualities and Possible Effects on Topography: A White Paper
(Valerie B. Yerger, ND and Phyra M. McCandless, JD, MPH, authors)

2. Menthol’s Potential Effects on Nicotine Dependence: A White Paper
(Valerie B. Yerger, ND, author)

3. Potential Health Effects of Menthol: A White Paper
(Maria Victoria Salgado, MD, author)

Attendance Requirement: 
Recommended for All Fellows