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Burson-Marsteller. The corporate

Index Document Bates no. 2023276803/6813
This document summarizes the
public relations firm's research on how and why Philip Morris
should change its name. The last pages are particularly significant
in their specification of the bad image of the tobacco industry.
Wirthlin Group. VISTA values
in strategic assessment volume II.
1992.11.12. Index Document Bates no. 2025415606/5731
This very long document discusses
Philip Morris's concerns and the survey work their consultants
did to establish what the public and opinion leaders thought
of them.
Hill & Knowlton. 920000
corporate affairs world conference workshop results draft executive
1992.00.00. Index Document Bates no. 2023645195/5213
Long list of "ways to
win" with various constituencies, including consumers:
"change the company name and back it up with a massive
media campaign to introduce the new identity - 'a family of
consumer products.'"
Wirthlin Group. Building a
strategic positioning with impact for the Philip Morris Companies.
1993.03.00. Index Document Bates no. 2023465153/5222
This document outlines what
will be necessary for Philip Morris to communicate the message
it requires to improve its image.
[NewCo. outline]
1993.12.06. Index Document Bates no. 2023437417/7455
Documents an executive meeting
"to leverage the knowledge, experience and brainpower of
the participants in order to deepen the understanding of what
is required to effectively reposition the corporation."
Philip Morris. Corporate affairs
900000 - 940000 five-year plan.
1990.00.00 Index
Document Bates no. 2070340891/0933
First part of this document
deals with corporate image, why it matters, and how to improve
CS 1st Boston. Materials prepared
for discussion Philip Morris Companies, Inc.

1994.09.13 Index
Document Bates no. 2031593041/3086
This bank report discusses
why Philip Morris stock is "undervalued" and what
can be done about it.
Landor Associates. Philip Morris
identity development program.

1993.12.00. Index
Document Bates no. 2023437377/7409
This consultant report outlines
Philip Morris's plan for changing the company name and its identity,
from "tobacco" to "world's best brands."
Fuller C. Corporate positioning
and managing change.

1993.06.30. Index
Document Bates no. 2023027613/7616
This document urges the company
to "take the offense" in terms of managing the image
change, even though some might see it as "running from

Smith GLI. A confidential assessment and
discussion of objectives and direction for the corporate affairs
department of Philip Morris Companies, Inc.

1989.05.07. Index
Document Bates no. 2023276843/6860
This document discusses, among
other things, plans to help "advance the objective of changing
the pure tobacco image to the desired broader consumer goods
Hill & Knowlton. Philip
Morris corporate affairs strategic plan for 930000.
1992.12.03. Index
Document Bates no. 2023586677/6725
This public relations company
document discusses "repositioning Philip Morris to emphasize
its product diversity."
PM image study initial findings.
1993.00.00. Index
Document Bates no. 2031599499/9501
This document briefly summarizes
how poor Philip Morris's image is, particularly with consumers.
Philip Morris, Wirthlin Group.
Philip Morris companies a national opinion survey -- topline
results --.
1993.01.00. Index
Document Bates no. 2031599541/9584
This consultant's summary discusses
Philip Morris's image (and compares it to other companies, such
as RJ Reynolds) and "perceptual orientations toward Philip
Wirthlin Group. Reasons why
people change/do not change their ratings of Philip Morris and
Kraft after discovering their relationship.
1993.07.00. Index
Document Bates no. 2031599304/9347
This documents describes how
important Kraft is in propping up Philip Morris's reputation,
and it also points to ways in which the public is not fooled.
Some people said that "because PM owns all of these other
companies they no longer needed to produce cigarettes and should
get out of the tobacco business."
A presentation to the committee
on public affairs and social responsibility on marketing and
defending the corporate brand in 930000.
1992.11.12. Index
Document Bates no. 2023586662/6676
Describes Philip Morris's plan
to improve their reputation and enhance shareholder value, with
an emphasis on politics, media, and "the power of choice."
Meeting report corporate identity
program 910118.
1991.01.18. Index
Document Bates no. 2025417749/7752
Notes from a brainstorming
session about corporate identity. Reveals how bad PM executives
thought the climate was in the early 1990s.
Wirthlin Group. Presentation
to the committee on public affairs and social responsibility
defending the corporate brand - tobacco 921216.
1992.12.04. Index
Document Bates no. 2024672254/2284
Shows "perceptual mapping"
of attitudes towards the company, indicating that people do
not like Philip Morris because it is greedy, unethical, and
"smoking bad/kills people."
Parrish SC. Steven C. Parrish
Top 70 PM-USA Landsdowne, VA 991103.
1999.11.03. Index
Document Bates no. 2070744708/4729
Speech to executives explaining
the strategy of "constructive engagement" with "reasonable"
Continuous cigarette tracking
study - 900300 900400 company awareness module.
1990.04.00. Index
Document Bates no.2060055417/5463
Computer printout of survey
results showing opinions about Philip Morris versus other companies,
including Kraft, RJ Reynolds, and Exxon.
Wirthlin Group. Philip Morris
Companies a national opinion survey.
1992.12.00. Index
Document Bates no. 2025415379/5399
Results of a survey that asked
about "credibility," among other things. Health groups
were believed to be credible and truthful, but tobacco industry
spokespeople were not.
Wirthlin Group. U.S. image
study - general public - topline results -
1992.12.00. Index
Document Bates no. 2031599430/9434
Summary of survey assessing
familiarity with Philip Morris and its products.
Wirthlin Group. Corporate image
and issues, a survey of the American public and opinion leaders.
1994.04.00. Index
Document Bates no. 2031599097/9189
Long write-up of survey results,
including both general public and "opinion leaders"
(congressional staff, community leaders), regarding opinions
about Philip Morris, clean indoor air laws, and other issues.
Meeting notes corporate I.D.
brainstorming with Jerry Welsh 910219. Philip Morris.
1991.02.19. Index
Document Bates no. 2025417753/7756
Meeting notes from brainstorming
session about Philip Morris's image. Fascinating discussion
in which they compare the company to drug dealers, alcoholics,
prostitutes, and Nazis.

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