Core A: Administrative Core

Professor of Medicine

The Administrative Core is the central unit that will oversee all aspects of the TCORS, including the five full scientific Research Projects, two initial Developmental Projects, two other Cores, the Research Training and Education Component, and the solicitation and selection of future Developmental Projects.

The Research Training and Education Plan has two parts:  a Postdoctoral Training Program that includes Research Opportunity Funds for fellow-led research and a Researcher/Faculty Exchange Program. We will expand our existing fellowship program, which has a well-developed recruiting mechanism, a strong applicant pool, and an established Fellowship Committee that selects the fellows and monitors their progress.  The Researcher/Faculty Exchange Program will be an extension of our current exchange programs and will assist us in collaboration with other TCORS.

The Developmental Projects will be selected by the Executive Committee solicited by:  
1) broadly advertising funding opportunities to the entire UCSF Community after peer review by internal UCSF study sections  
2) offering Internal Supplements to current TCORS investigators 

In addition to these two mechanisms, we include funds for fellow-initiated projects in the Research Training and Education budget.