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FAMRI Bland Lane Center of Excellence On Second Hand Smoke at UCSF


Are you a current or former flight attendant who never smoked?  Were you exposed to secondhand tobacco smoke while working on an aircraft?  If yes, please contact us to participate in our flight attendant research study and earn $100.  The FAMRI Bland Lane Center of Excellence on Second Hand Smoke at UCSF clinic is located at Mission Bay, UCSF's newest campus.   Each flight attendant that comes to the clinic will receive a spirometry (breathing) test, an EKG (heart test), and receive an examination by a cardiologist.  Prior to the appointment, we ask each flight attendant to fill out an online survey regarding their health, secondhand smoke exposure and reproductive health history.  We collect blood samples (optional) for our biorepository.  Please contact us to make an appointment at (415) 412-0872 or [email protected].


All Flight Attendents

The FAMRI Bland Lane Center of Excellence on Second Hand Smoke at UCSF has just launched an online secondhand smoke registry for flight attendants. All flight attendants please fill out this questionnaire on your health and secondhand smoke exposure history (if any), so that we can learn more about the effects of secondhand smoke exposure on your health.

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For more information, please contact us at (415) 412-0872 or [email protected].

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