Lung function abnormalities in flight attendants exposed to secondhand smoke (SHS)

This is a study on lung function at rest and during exercise in flight attendants who worked in commercial aircraft prior to the ban on cigarette smoking. We compare these results to those obtained in flight attendants who have worked in aircraft since the ban on smoking. We compare the results in both groups to those in sea-level controls who never smoked. Preliminary results suggest that SHS smoke causes damage to the airways and pulmonary capillaries. We are actively recruiting pre-ban, post-ban flight attendants and healthy sea-level controls who are never smokers for these studies. Researchers: Mehrdad Arjomandi, Tad Height, Rita Redberg, and Warren Gold.


Pre-ban flight attendant research

Is this study open to possible subjects?  I am contacting you on behalf of my wife who was a flight attendant for about 12 years from the mid-70s to later -80s. How would one learn about possibly participating? Thank you, Paul laskar