Seminars are in Room 366 Library unless otherwise noted.

Publication Seminars: Planning publications, selecting journals, submitting your paper, and peer review

Ruth Malone, PhD, RN
Professor and Chair, Department of Social & Behavioral Sciences
Sep 28 2011 - 10:00am
Laurel Heights’ “Gay Becker Room” (inside rm. #340)

Planning publications and selecting journals
--brainstorming anticipated publications at the start of any project
--being alert for unanticipated opportunities, and making lemonade with any lemons
 --criteria for identifying and selecting journals
 --positioning your paper
 --backup planning
Submitting your paper, and peer review
 --editor query, or not?
 --rules re paper submission (e.g. no duplicate submissions)
  --formatting and other requirements
  --cover letters and abstracts: how an editor thinks
  --awaiting and responding to reviews
  --rejection: your paper is not your baby

Attendance Requirement: 
Required for Year One Fellows