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Updated: October 31, 2017


THS Perspective
THS In 2016, the members of the THS Consortium wrote an article summarizing what we know about THS: its formation, occurrence, how to measure it in the environment, how we might measure human exposure, studies that the Consortium carried out to evaluate THS toxicity, approaches for risk assessment and decontamination, and policy issues related to minimizing exposure. We also discussed the priorities for further research.  This was a contribution to a highly respected scientific journal, Chemical Research in Toxicology, for a special issue commemorating its 30th volume.  The Introduction defines THS, and describes the differences between secondhand smoke (SHS) and THS. The second section, Background, discusses the early history of THS studies, and evidence of human exposure. The third section, Progress and New Evidence, describes the chemistry of THS and approaches to exposure assessment, toxicology, including the potential to cause genetic damage and cancer, human exposure and risk assessment, and THS toxicity as it relates to the development of policy to minimize exposure. The final section summarizes our conclusions and priorities for further research.

This Perspective describes a wide range of multidisciplinary studies that the Consortium has carried out since its inception in 2011. It describes the groundwork for our future studies that will be largely “translational,” that is, taking the basic science that has been developed and translating it to applications in the real world to address the problems THS causes to human health.

>> Link to PDF - Perspective - Thirdhand Smoke: New Evidence, Challenges, and Future Directions



THS Workshop

On May 31, 2017  Drs. Jonathan Samet and Heather Wipfli hosted a Thirdhand Smoke Policy Workshop, supported by the California Thirdhand Smoke Consortium, at the University of Southern California.  Reports from that meeting are provided below. These include (1) a Summary of the Thirdhand Smoke Policy Workshop Proceeding, prepared by Drs. Samet and Wipfli, (2) a white paper on Assessing the Risk of Thirdhand Smoke for Decision Making, prepared by Dr Samet and (3) a white paper on “Policy Options for Addressing Thirdhand  Smoke, prepared by  Micah Berman  JD, Ohio State University.

>> Link to PDF - THS Workshop Summary May 31, 2017