FLOW Cohort Study


  1. Paul Blanc, MD
Research Fields: 
Secondhand Smoke

The major goal of the project in this center award is to assess secondhand smoke exposure effects longitudinally among an older cohort with COPD. In the FLOW cohort study, we aim to elucidate how SHS exposure adversely affects patients with COPD. Specifically, we will delineate the longitudinal impact of SHS exposure on pulmonary function decline among adults with COPD. The project will also evaluate the prospective impact of SHS exposure on the risk of functional limitation and disability in COPD. The development of functional limitations is a critical intermediate step on the causal pathway from impairment to disability. We will study the specific impact of SHS exposure on the risk of developing functional limitations in COPD (e.g., lower extremity function, skeletal muscle strength, and exercise performance). Using directly measured SHS exposure, we will elucidate how SHS exposure modulates the progression from functional limitation to disability. The project will also determine the impact of SHS exposure on the risk of cardiovascular disease outcomes among adults with COPD. We will study the impact of SHS exposure on a broad array of cardiovascular disease outcomes in this high risk group. Finally, the project will determine the extent to which the effect of SHS on pulmonary function decline, functional limitation, and disability is mediated by chronic inflammation.