Young Adults and the Tobacco-E-cigarette-Marijuana Triangulum


  1. Pamela Ling, MD
Research Fields: 
Marketing and Prevention

Young adults are among the highest users of multiple tobacco products, including electronic cigarettes, and marijuana. The proliferation of vaporizers and e-juices that can be used for nicotine or cannabinoids further increases co-use of these different products. We are conducting qualitative research with a cohort young adults who are using multiple nicotine and cannabis products to better understand the contexts and motivations for using different products, evolving patterns of use, and perceptions of how the changing tobacco and marijuana policy landscape affects perceptions of risk and behavior.

We have a sample of young adult bar patrons in California, who have high rates of tobacco, alcohol, and marijuana use. We are studying poly-substance use in this population to describe patterns of use and to identify factors associated with these different patterns of use.