State of Transition: Marijuana use among young adults in the San Francisco Bay Area

In the November 2016 election, California voted to legalize marijuana use. Young adults have the highest rates of marijuana use, but little is known about the correlates of use in this age group, including factors that may be affected by policy change. Tobacco control researchers, Louisa Holmes, PhD, Lucy Popova, PhD and UCSF CTCRE Fellowship Program Director, Pamela M. Ling, MD, MPH investigated whether there are differences in marijuana use by sociodemographic characteristics, psychological distress, loneliness and social support, controlling for risk factors such as alcohol and cigarette use as well as perceived harm of marijuana.  Their paper, published online in the June 2016 issue of Preventive Medicine, is the first product to be published using their 2014 Bay Area Young Adult Health Survey data – a representative household survey of young adults in Alameda & SF Counties, stratified by race/ethnicity, in which they collected information on various forms of tobacco use, marijuana use, and other health and sociodemographic measures. Click here to read the full article