The Center has an active research training program for postdoctoral fellows. Click here for information on the program and to view/complete the application. This page lists current fellows and describes their work. Click on any fellow's name to view their complete profile and contact information.

  • Catrina, a 2nd-year fellow, received her PhD in Public Policy Analysis from Saint Louis University. In her 1st year as a CTCRE fellow she examined secondhand smoke exposure among adults dwelling in multiunit housing compared to single family housing and examined self-reported and biomarkers of secondhand smoke exposure among children and nonsmoking adolescents reporting emergency department use to treat their asthma.

  • Lauren Dutra’s research interests include disparities in smoking and smoking-related disease, the targeted marketing of vulnerable populations by tobacco companies, and new tobacco products, such as e-cigarettes.  She has a Doctor of Science from the Harvard School of Public Health and is a Social Epidemiologist by training.

  • Noah received his PhD in Behavioral Neuroscience at Oregon Health & Science University in Portland, OR. His dissertation research utilized behavioral and genetic animal models that have been well established for alcohol research to study the combined effects of nicotine and alcohol on reward and neuroadaptation, with the goal of understanding why these two drugs share such a high rate of co-abuse.

  • Jamie is interested in finding ways to use social support and social influence to aid in youth smoking cessation and prevention. Her research draws on social psychology, interpersonal and health communication, and social networks and focuses on using social science theories to design web-based and mobile experiments, surveys and mobile applications aimed at better understanding emotions, social processes, health perceptions and behavior.

  • Louisa, a 2nd-year fellow, earned her PhD in Geography from University of Southern California. In her first year as a CTCRE fellow she implemented a multi-mode probabilistic household survey of young adult tobacco use and health. Going forward Louisa will use these and other data to study ethno-racial and geographic disparities in tobacco use and tobacco-related disease, exposure to secondhand smoke among low income populations and biomarkers of tobacco and chronic disease.

  • Andrew received a PhD in Political Science from Northwestern University in 2012.  His work is in the areas of Comparative Politics and American Political Development, with a focus on institutional and policy development.

  • Margarete C. Kulik is a first-year postdoctoral fellow. She received her PhD in Public Health from the Erasmus University Medical Center in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Her dissertation is based on her work in two European research projects which had the goal of developing and applying innovative quantification tools to assess the impact of policies and interventions on risk factor prevalence and on health inequalities across Europe.

  • Sam's doctoral work (PhD in epidemiology, UCLA) focused on the molecular and genetic epidemiology of smoking-related cancers, particularly in the investigation of immune-related hypotheses. He also has a Master of Public Health degree from San Diego State University (health promotion) and a Bachelor of Science in animal physiology and neuroscience from UCSD. Sam’s research interests include health disparities, gene-environment interactions, cancer, and heart disease.

  • Lucy Popova is a fourth-year postdoctoral fellow. Her overarching research interest lies in health promotion through theory-based prevention and treatment interventions to reduce tobacco-related morbidity and mortality. She is particularly interested in understanding the factors contributing to health behavior, such as perceptions, beliefs, and emotions. Lucy received a Ph.D. in Communication from University of California, Santa Barbara.