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FDA request for public comment on Swedish Match's amended application to promote snus as reduced risk a joke

I just submitted this public comment to the FDA on its request for public comment on Swedish Match's amendments to its application to make reduced risk claims for 10 brands of snus.
Comment on
Modified Risk Tobacco Product Applications:
Applications for 10 Products Submitted by Swedish Match...
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Tobacco control advocates take Pakistan government to court for reneging on 85% graphic health warnings

After years of the tobacco companies bullying governments in court, it is nice to see health advoacte pushing back when government caves to Big Tobacco.  Here is a press release that the International Union against Turbulosis and Lung Disease just put out:
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UCSF and California Poison Control Centers response to FDA questions on liquid nicotine products

We just submitted a 29 page comment responding to the questions that FDA posed regarding packaging and warning labels for liquid nicotine and related products.
Feel free to use this information in preparing your comments.  (The deadline for submitting them is the end of the month.)
The full comment is available here.
The tracking number is 1jz-8kin-qyu8.

Surprise! Do it yourself e-cig flavors often have undisclosed nicotine

Pru Talbot and her colleages at UC Riverside just published an important paper, "Unexpected nicotine in do-it-yourself electronic cigarette flavourings" in Tobacco ControlThe title says it all.
The bottom line of the paper is:


Moving the discussion of possible marijuana legalization from a business frame to a public health frame

On July 23, 2015, I posted my first comment on Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom’s Blue Ribbon Commission (BRC) on Marijuana Policy releasing its report “Pathways Report: Policy Options for Regulating Marijuana in California,” (link) with primarily positive critiques. Read more »

California Blue Ribbon Commission on Marijuana Policy report released: Mostly good advice on how to proceed

On July 21, 2015 Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom’s Blue Ribbon Commission on Marijuana Policy released its report “Pathways Report: Policy Options for Regulating Marijuana in California,” which provides broad policy recommendations on legalizing marijuana in California. The report recognizes the potential problems of a wealthy profit-motivated marijuana industry and the potential damage to public health.
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Health advocates need to put heat on California "GO" Committee to rescue tobacco control legislation

For years (decades?) the Assembly Government Organization Committee (GO) is where the Assembly Speaker sends tobacco control legislation to die.
It served this function recently when it killed two bills that had passed the Senate, one to include e-cigarettes in California’s clean indoor air law and youth access law and another to raise the age of purchase of tobacco to 21.
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California Tobacco Oversight Committee weighs in on marijuana initiative; Other health groups should follow

As part of the process of developing an initiative to legalize recreational marijuana use in California, the Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom  and the ACLU and have created the Blue Ribbon Commission on Marijuana Policy “to facilitate a comprehensive understanding of various policy questions related to the possibility of legalizing, taxing and regulating marijuana for adults in California.  The Commission has held several public meetings and will be preparing briefing papers on a range of issues.
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Comcast falls off the wagon and releases two PG-13 smoking movies

Since June 30, Comcast released two PG-13 films with smoking: Self/less and Terminator Genesys. This reduces the number of MPAA-member companies with 100% smokefree records for their 2015 youth-rated films from four to three: Disney, Time Warner and Viacom.
It is yet another example of why we need the R rating to protect kids.
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Why the Touchstone loophole in Disney's new movie smoking policy is important

The one Disney film label unnamed in Disney’s policy update is Touchstone, which it uses to release PG-13 films from DreamWorks under a seven-year distribution agreement. Along with that agreement, Disney also maintains a $250 million loan facility for DreamWorks. In effect, then, Disney and DreamWorks enjoy a deal structure very common among the major studios: the distributor-studio finances, markets and distributes a film made by a second-party producer.
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