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Important report on e-cig company promotions directed at youth

On April 14, 2014, several members of Congress released an important report, Gateway to Addiction: A Survey of Popular Electronic Cigarette Manufacturers and Targeted Marketing to Youth, in which they surveyed the major e-cigarette companies about their advertising and promotional activities (and, when the companies ignored requests for information collected information directly from their websites and other sources).  The report' findings are: Read more »

Big Tobacco trying to block progress on controlling e-cigs in Florida with Trojan Horse youth access bill

While the Obama White House sits on the FDA, communities all over the country are moving forward to control e-cigarettes in two important ways (1) including them in clean indoor air laws, and (2) regulating sales to youth.
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Navy and DoD propose ending sales of tobacco products at commissaries: We should all support this effort

On March 24, 2014 Navy Times reported that Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus was pushing to have Navy and Marine Corps commissaries and exchanges stop selling tobacco products. Read more »

More problems on the horizon for cost-benefit analyses at the FDA (and likely other places)

I have prevously written about the serious problems with the way that the FDA has done cost-benefit analysis of the effects of tobacco control policies, most notably warning labels on cigarette packages.  Among other things, the FDA, led by economist Clark Nardinelli, assumes that steps that will reduce smoking have the effect of depriving smokers (and potential smokers) of the "pleasure" of smoking, quantified using the economic ide Read more »

Important empirical evidence that tobacco companies are successfully flaunting the ban on promoting light and mild cigarettes

Greg Connolly and Hillel Alpert recently published an important paper in Tobacco Control, "Has the tobacco industry evaded the FDA's ban on ‘Light’ cigarette descriptors?," that presents empirical evidence that the ciagrette companies have effectively nullified the ban on selling cigarettes with the misleading descriptors "light" and "mild" that are in both the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act and Judge Gladys Kessler's RICO decision.
Here is the abstract from the paper: Read more »

FDA Prioritizes Tobacco Industry Needs Over Public Health

On April 4, 2014, the FDA announced that it will review all "regular" substantial equivalence submissions by tobacco companies immediately, responding to industry complaints that the process is taking a long time.  (A substantial equivalence application is one in which the company claims that a new product they want to market is "substantially equivalent" to one already on the market so there is no need for a full new product review.  As I noted before substantial equivalence is a Read more »

Smokefree laws followed by substantial reductions in preterm births and hospital admissions for asthma

On March 28, 2014, Lancet published "Effect of smoke-free legislation on perinatal and child health: a systematic review and meta-analysis,"  which found that "Smoke-free legislation was associated with reductions in preterm birth (four studies, 1 366 862 individuals; −10·4% [95% CI −18·8 to −2·0]; p=0·016) and hospital attendances for asthma (three studies, 225 753 events: −10·1% [95% CI −15·2 to −5·0]; p=0·0001). Read more »

CDC reports that e-cigarettes accounting for more calls to poison control centers

The CDC Morbidity and Mortality Monthy Report just reported numbers showing that e-cigarettes are accounting for a big increase in calls to poison control centers.
Here are key statements from the report: Read more »

More evidence that ecigarettes are not reducing smoking

On March 24, 2014, Rachel Grana, Lucy Popova, and Pam Ling published "A Longitudinal Analysis of Electronic Cigarette Use and Smoking Cessation" in JAMA Internal Medicine.  Their bottom line: Read more »

E-cigarette accidents prompt poison warnings

From USA Today:

E-cigarette accidents prompt poison warnings
Wendy Koch
   @WendyKoch USA TODAY 3/30/14

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