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The new improved UCSF Legacy Tobacco Documents Library is now live

The new site features easier searching, better display of results, and linkage to other industry document collections. 
Check it out at
PS: Exiting links to documents using the old still work.

As Smoking Declines, More Are Likely to Quit: New Study Casts Doubt on the Value of Promoting e-Cigarettes

Smokeless tobacco and, more recently, e-cigarettes have been promoted as a harm reduction strategy for smokers who are “unable or unwilling to quit.” The strategy, embraced by both industry and some public health advocates, is based on the assumption that as smoking declines overall, only those who cannot quit will remain.  A new study by researchers at UC San Francisco has found just the opposite.    
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Evidence that smokefree laws have immediate health benefits keeps piling up, this time for COPD

Frank Dusemund and colleagues just published a paper in Tobacco Control reporting a 22.4% drop in hospitalizations for acute exacerbated chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) in Graubünden, Switzerland after it passed a strong comprehensive smokefree law.  This is a significantly larger drop than the 7.0% drop observed in the rest of Switzerland.
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More immediate health benefits from smokefree laws: Fewer hospitalizations for respiratory tract infections in kids

Jasper Been and colleagues recently published a paper, “Smoke-free legislation and childhood hospitalizations for respiratory tract infections,” that is an important addition to the evidence that there are rapid health benefits following implementation of smokefree laws.
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UCSF CTCRE submission to UN on Draft Sustainable Development Goals; please submit your comments by June 21

The UN is in the process of preparing a new set of Sustainable Development Goals, a follow-on to the existing Millennium Development Goals.  This is a very important document because it guides a wide range of government and NGO policies worldwide.  The final document, goals and targets will be approved by the UN Member States in September.
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More evidence that e-cigs are depressing quitting smoking in the real world

Erin Sutfin and colleagues at Wake Forest University just published “ The Impact of Trying Electronic Cigarettes on Cigarette Smoking by College Students: A Prospective Analysis” in American Journal of Public Health that adds to the evidence that e-cigarette use is depressing quitting smoking cigarettes.
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Job Opportunity available to manage Legacy Tobacco Documents Library and other new industry document collections at UCSF

Kim Klausner, who has managed the Legacy Tobacco Documents Library and other related industry document collections so well for the past several years, is retiring and the UCSF Library is looking for someone to take over the position.
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Obama setback on Trans Pacific Partnership: Tobacco control advocates need to speak out publicly now

The bulk of the press coverage on President Obama’s failure win endorsement of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) on Friday has concentrated on the strong unified opposition by organized labor and the general political fallout of his defeat.
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New paper, "Tobacco-control policies in tobacco-growing states: where tobacco was king," shows why progress is happening there

Amanda Fallin and I just published "Tobacco-control policies in tobacco-growing states: where tobacco was king" in Millbank Quarterly  that explains why, after years of lagging the rest of the country, progress on tobacco control is now taking place there.
Here is the abstract:
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A great video sums up Obama word games about Trans Pacific Parternship in song

A great video sums up Obama word games about TPP in song:  Fast Track, Trade Agreements, and the TPP Razzle Dazzle

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