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Major movie studios’ shareholders seek response to 1,000,000 deaths

In September, shareholder advocacy organizations announced that they were filing shareholder resolutions with the major movie studios regarding the portrayal of tobacco in youth-rated films (covered by the New York Times). Read more »

CDC makes case for including e-cigarettes in clean indoor air laws

The CDC published a "State Laws Prohibiting Sales to Minors and Indoor Use of Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems — United States, November 2014," in MMWR that makes the point (consistent with our paper) that prohibiting sales of e-cigs to youth is a necessary, but not sufficient, step in controlling use and mentions industry interference.  It comments on how industry-favored youth access laws are passing but not sta Read more »

More details on how e-cigarettes are recruiting kids to nicotine addiction

Thomas Wills and colleagues just published "Risk factors for exclusive e-cigarette use and dual e-cigarette use and tobacco use in adolescents" in Pediatrics.  This large (1941 high school students, mean age 14.6 years, conducted in 2013) found:
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PunditFact (part of Poltifact) scores Stossel's denial that SHS kills "false"

Check it out here.
One of Stossel's staff had called me a few days before he made the statement and tried to get me to agree with him and say that the CDC conclusions were wrong.  I spend about an hour explaining how people get risk estimates and compute attributable risks ... and that the CDC is bases toward underestimating risks.

A sampling of Clive Bates on Twitter

I hear a lot of calls for civility in the debate over e-cigarettes.  A friend sent this summary of some recent tweets from Clive Bates, in just the past couple of weeks.
Cowardly public health 'boot boys' and their smearing, sneering, jeering letter (Chapman, Glantz, McKee, Daube)
World’s top cigarette salesmen (Chapman, Glantz, McKee, Daube)
Fakery of the public health establishment
Profound insanity of @UCSF is not merely misleading and harming people, but protecting cig sales (Glantz) Read more »

FDA discounts value of menu labeling because of lost pleasure of not eating junk food. What's next?

In our paper, "When health policy and empirical evidence collide: the case of cigarette package warning labels and economic consumer surplus," published in American Journal of Public Health in February 2014, we raised a concern that the FDA would expand its practice of discounting health benefits of other public health regulations that would encourage healthy eating.
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More evidence that youth are using e-cigs to initiate nicotine addiction, also growing evidence for moving on to cigarettes

There are four surveys that have been recently published that show increaing e-cigarette use among youth from Wales, Scotland, Hawaii, and Connecticut.  These data support earlier findings in young adults that e-cigarette use is associated with higher susceptability to cigarette smoking.
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E-cigarettes are not helping people with mental illness quit smoking

The harm reduction enthusiasts often point to the fact that people with mental illness have hihger smoking rates than thee general public and suggest that this group would particularly benefit from using e-cigarettes.
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