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Califormia State Health Officer Issues Health Advisory and New E-cigarette Report

The California Department of Public Health just issued this press statement.  I have reviewed the materials that they have produced and they are world-class resources that everyone should be using to guide policymaking and educational campaigns on e-cigarettes.
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More evidence from California that kids are rapidly taking up ecigs, with faster market penetration among younger kids

On December 18, 2014, the California Department of Education reported that e-cigarettes were being adopted much faster than conventional cigarettes among California youth.  These data, collected from over 450,000 youth during the 2013-4 school year showed that 3.9 times as many 7th graders were using e-cigarettes than conventional cigarettes, 2.3 times as many 9th graders, 1.7 times as many 12th graders, and about the same rate (1.1 times) for nontradtional (continuation, commun Read more »

UCSF It's About a Billion Lives Symposium will be webcast Friday Jan 30 from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm PST

The full program is here:
The webcast will be at
All are welcome.
The symposium will also be archived at the same URL and available for viewing after the symposium ends.

ACSH's Gilbert Ross attacks California Dept of Public Health for releasing sensible brochure on e-cigarettes

The California Department of Public Health recently released a low key brochure on e-cigarettes, Protect Your Family from e-cigarettes, that explained that e-cigarettes contain nicotine, which is not harmless, that the aerosol they produce is not water vapor, that they should not be used indoors, and warning people about the dangers of drinking the e-liquid.
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Obama DHHS should look beyond economists when assessing consumer surplus

All the criticism of the FDA's application of a "consumer surplus" discount to substantially offset the benefits of reducing smoking because of the lost pleasure of smoking has led the Department of Health and Human Services to convene an expert committee of economists to assess using consume surplus in this way.
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Analysis of "Smoking Ordinances and Electronic Cigarettes" which is used to oppose including ecigs in clean indoor air laws

In December 2014, the Shasta California County Board of Supervisors moved to amend its smokefree law to add e-cigarettes to the list of covered tobacco products. Read more »

ACSH attacks American Cancer Society, good evidence that ACS is doing something right on e-cigs

The American Cancer Society has clearly hit a nerve of e-cigarette/tobacco interests by working to block industry Trojan Horse bills that use nominal restrictions on e-cigarette sales to kids to get industry-friendly definitions of e-cigarettes written into law that make it harder to regulate use of and tax e-cigarettes. 
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Good CNN story on ecig marketing to kids

Ran Dec 31, 2014 and available here.

Who Is More Frugal? UC or Gov Jerry Brown?

Governor Jerry Brown, who has carefully cultivated his image as a frugal fiscal disciplinarian. just released his budget where he continues to scold UC and CSU for being wasteful rather than accepting the reality that it costs money to provide high quality affordable higher education.  
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San Francisco launches e-cig public education campaign

The City and County of San Francisco has joined the State of Alaska in mounting a public education campaign on e-cigarettes.
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