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Merchants of Doubt opening this week

Check out Robert Kenner's new movie, Merchants of Doubt, which is opening later this week.  It starts out with Big Tobacco (and me wearing a suit) talking about how the tobacco companies invented modern science denial, then goes on to show how the fossil fuel companies and their allies used the same methods (and a lot of the same people) to create unjustified doubt about global warming.
The movie is packed with information and, while dealing with a lot of heavy material, does it with a sense of humor.
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ACS. Harvard, and NCI researchers conclude that smoking causes breast cancer: This is important to all women

Researchers at the American Cancer Society, Harvard, and National Cancer Institute published “Smoking and Mortality – Beyond Established Causes” in the New England Journal of Medicine on February 12, 2015.  This paper attracted a lot of media attention because it added several new diseases to the list that smoking causes, including breast cancer, which added another 60,000 deaths to the annual toll.
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The SRNT meeting was great this year

I attended the Society for Nicotine and Tobacco Research meeting last week and it was one of the best meetings on tobacco control I ever attended.  All the presentations I saw were intelligent and well-balanced and I learned a lot.
Putting these meetings togeher is hard and I wanted to publicly thank the organizing committee led by Jodi Prochaska for a job well done.

Our Annual free Tobacco Documents Workshop for advocates, journalists, and regular people will be held on Friday, May 8, 2015

This one day event is to introduce advoactes, students, health professionals, journalists and anyone else is interested in how to use tobacco industry documents in their work.  The workshop is at the UCSF Library at 530 Parnassus in San Francisco.
The registration form is online at
Please feel free to forward it to anyone who you feel may be interested. We look forward to seeing you there!
For more information, contact:
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TFK working with legislators to get spit tobacco out of baseball

Today Tobacco Free Kids launched its "Knock Tobacco Out of the Park" campaign to get spit tobacco out of Major League Baseball.  (The press release is here.)
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Hackademy Awards Give Thumbs Up! For ‘The Fault in Our Stars,’ Thumbs Down! For Latest ‘X-Men’ Movie

This just out from our colleagues at Breathe California:
SACRAMENTO, Calif. Feb. 21, 2015 — A California movie awards show this weekend brought out the stars who highlight the issue that Hollywood can still hook kids on tobacco, but along with the bad news also came some good news at the 20th annual Hackademy Awards in Sacramento.
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Smoking in US top-grossing PG-13 movies, 2013-2014: Still high

Three metrics are used to track smoking in movies overall, by rating and by company:
                • percentage of films with smoking;
                • tobacco incidents per movie (average for all movies and for movies with smoking); Read more »

Is Oscar an ashtray? 57% of nominated films include tobacco imagery in 2015

Several people have asked for information how much smoking is in Oscar nominated movies this year.  My colleague Jonathan Polansky assembled the data, which is available in a downloadable Excel spreadsheet here.
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Shiffman et al paper in Nicotine & Tobacco Research is not a reliable estimate of effects of ecig flavors

On January 7, 2015, Saul Shiffman and colleagues published "The impact of flavor descriptors on nonsmoking teens’ and adult smokers’ interest in electronic cigarettes" in the journal Nicotine and Tobacco Research.  This paper, reported work funded by the NJOY e-cigarette company, concluded that "The e-cigarette flavors tested appealed more to adult smokers than to nonsmoking teens, but interest in flavors was low for both groups."
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Reality Check and Ontario Coalition for Smoke-Free Movies launch #RateSmokingR selfie campaign

Our latest Smokefree Movies ad ran in Variety on February 17, 2015 and will run in Hollywood Reporter on February 25, 2015.  It introduces and supports the grassroots campaign for Smokefree Moves, ignited by Reality Check New York and the Ontario Coalition for Smoke-Free Movies, 
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