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Obama takes baby step toward protecting public health in the Trans Pacific Partnership; leaves big loophole

Yesterday (October 2, 2015) the New York Times reported that the Obama Administration has proposed language for the Tran Pacific Partnership designed to make it harder for tobacco companies to use trade agreements to sue countries that enact sensible public health regulations (like plain packaging).  While this is a step in the right direction, it leaves a huge loophole open by continuing to allow tobacco farmers to sue.
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Evidence that smoking in movies causes young people to smoke expands to Norway

Add Norway to the list of countries where there is strong, consistent evidence that onscreen smoking in movies causes young people to smoke.
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New study shows smokers smoke less and quit more after big cuts in nicotine in cigarettes

Nicotine is the addictive chemical in cigarettes and the FDA has the authority to require that the nicotine levels in cigarettes to be reduced (although not eliminated).
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Save the date for 2016 UCSF It's About a Billion Lives Symposium: January 22, 2016. All are welcome.

It’s About a Billion Lives
Celebrating Tobacco Research and Education at UCSF
What will It Take to Transform the Prediction of a
Billion Deaths into a Billion Lives Saved

Matthew Myers
President, Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids
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FDA issues orders that will stop further U.S. sale and distribution of four R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company cigarette products

As someone who has been critical of the FDA for not making any meaningful decisions that actually affect the cigarette market, I have to applaud their decision to block Reynolds from marketing four products with menthol "flavor capsules" in the filter. 
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UK report claiming e-cigs 95% safer than cigs based on one industry-linked report questions PHE's scientific credibilty

On August 19, 2015, the UK Government issued a press release with the headline “E-cigarettes around 95% less harmful than tobacco estimates landmark review”  publicizing a new report commissioned by Public Health England by and led by Professor Ann McNeill (King’s College London) and Professor Peter Hajek (Queen Mary University of London), extolling e-cigarettes as a harm redu Read more »

Ontario estimates tobacco deaths, costs from on-screen smoking

On 8 September, opening day of the Toronto International Film Festival, the Ontario Tobacco Research Unit (OTRU) released a new report detailing the cost in lives and money when US movies with smoking are dumped into Canada’s youth market. 
DOWNLOAD: Youth Exposure to Tobacco in Movies in Ontario, Canada: 2004-2014
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Research opportunity to work at UCSF with Professor Stanton Glantz

Stanton Glantz, Professor of Medicine and Director of the UC San Francisco Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education is seeking two individuals interested in conducting research projects related to tobacco control, specifically the influence of the tobacco industry on the scientific process, particularly as it relates to efforts to regulate secondhand smoke and cigarette design. Data collection will involve researching previously secret tobacco industry documents, written records, relevant laws,
conducting interviews and doing field research.
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Another longitudinal study shows that kids at low risk of smoking who use e-cigs are a lot more likely to progress to cigarettes

Brian Primack and his colleagues just published the second longitudinal study demonstrating that adolescents who use e-cigarettes are much more likely to progress to smoking cigarettes than adolescents who do not use e-cigarettes.
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