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California’s Tobacco Control Efforts Losing Steam: Reduced Spending Power, Resurgence of Big Tobacco, e-cigs to blame

California’s Tobacco Control Efforts Losing Steam
Reduced Spending Power of Anti-Tobacco Program, Resurgence of Tobacco Industry in State Politics, and Unregulated E-Cigarettes to Blame
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Evidence of organized "Twitter bombing" of Chicago city council while it was considering adding e-cigs to clean indoor air law

Jennie Harris and colleagues at Washington University St. Louis recently published a paper, "Tweeting for and Against Public Health Policy: Response to the Chicago Department of Public Health's Electronic Cigarette Twitter Campaign," that did a quantitative analysis of the "Twitter Bomb" campaign directed against the the Chicago City Council when it was considering adding e-cigarettes to the city's clean indoor air law.
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A content analysis of e-cigarette manufacturer websites in China shows similar misleading clains as elsewhere

Tingting Yao and colleagues here at UCSF just published "A content analysis of electronic cigarette manufacturer websites in China" in Tobacco Control.  Here is the abstract:
Objective The goal of this study was to summarise the websites of electronic cigarette (e-cigarette) manufacturers in China and describe how they market their products. Read more »

Significant Rise in E-Cigarette Use Among Youth in Poland: E-Cigarettes not replacing conventional tobacco cigarettes

Roswell Park-Led Study Documents Significant Rise in E-Cigarette Use Among Youth in Poland
 Cigarettes not replacing conventional tobacco cigarettes among this group, findings indicate
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Good for ACS CAN in calling out Governor Brown for taking $100,000 from Philip Morris.  He should do what ACS asks and give the money back (and pledge not to take any more).
The reality is that neither Proposition 1 (which deals with a rainy day fund in the budget) and Proposition 2 (which is a water bond) have anything to do with tobacco.  This is a bald effort to buy influence pure and simple.
Here is their press release:
October 20, 2014
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Nicotine and ultrafine particles: Reasons to worry about e-cig-induced heart attacks

Almost the entire discussion of e-cigarette toxicity so far has focused on the fact that they expose users to lower levels of carcinogens (cancer-causing chemicals) than conventional cigarettes.  At the same time, by design e-cigarettes expose users to nicotine in an aerosol of ultrafine particles that also have direct bilogical effects, particularly on the cardiovascular system and lungs.
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Intensive e-cig users more likely to quit cigs, intermittent users less likely to expect to quit in next year

Lois Biener and J Lee Hargraves just published a nicely done longitudinal study that followed smokers in two cites for around two years and found that, controlling for level of nicotine addiction and demographics, intensive e-cigarette users (defined as using e-cigarettes daily for at least a month) were 6 times more likely to have quit smoking (defined as not smoking for at least 30 days) than smokers who did not use e-cigarettes.
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National School Boards Association joins racketeer RJR to "educate" kids about smoking; they should drop out

RJ Reynolds just announced that it was "partnering" with the National School Boards Association to promote RJR's new "Right Decisions Right Now" youth smoking prevention program.  RJR's press release proudly announces that its curriculum is "aligned with the Common Core Standards."
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2015 UCSF "It's About a Billion Lives" symposium will be Friday, January 30 at 8:30 am

Robin Koval, the new President and CEO of the Legacy Foundation will keynote the 2015 "It's ABout a Billion Lives" symposium on January 30, 2015.  Our closing speaker will be Joseph Gugliemo, Dean of the UCSF School of Pharmacy. 
As always, there will be presentations by two UCSF faculty and two UCSF postdoctoral fellows as well as posters from a wide range of UCSF researchers.
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Nonsmokers around e-cigs absorb nicotine at levels similar to passive cigarette smokers: Smoke-free should also be ecig-free

Esteve Fernández' group has just published an important paper, "Cigarettes vs. e-cigarettes:Passive exposure at home measured by means of airborne marker and biomarkers," that found elevated levels of airborne nicotine in homes of e-cigarette users that, while not as high as in cigarette smoekrs' homes was significantly elevated over that observed in nonsmokers' homes.  More important, the levels of salivary and urinary cotinine, measures of absorbed nicotine was elevated to similar levels in bystanders in both the e-cigarette and cigarette users' homes. Read more »

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