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Submit public comments to EU consultation opposing expanding tobacco industry's right to sue countries over public health

The latest attempt to use trade agreements to create new channels for tobacco companies and other multinational companies to use investor-state provisions in treaties to allow these companies to sue governments to block sensible public health, public safety, worker protections, and envioronmental protections is the proposed Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership Agreement (TTIP).   
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How to submit public comments on FDA ecig and cigar deeming (and UCSF comments)

Several people have asked me why we are submitting so many (relatively) short comments rather than one huge one, which is what most groups do.  Others have asked how to comment.
First, how to comment:
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FDA Should Deem Hookah Tobacco, Hookah Device, and Hookah Charcoal as a Tobacco Product

My colleagues Gideon St.Helen, Peyton  Jacob III,  and Neal L Benowitz just submitted this comment to the FDA:
June 27, 2014
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Child resistant packaging of electronic cigarette devices and refill liquid containers containing nicotine to prevent childhood

The California Poision Control System based at San Francisco General Hospital just submitted this public comment to the FDA (PDF).
Child resistant packaging of electronic cigarette devices and refill liquid containers containing nicotine to prevent childhood poisoning
Docket No. FDA-2014-N-0189
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Pro-industry ecig bill advances in the California legislature over objections of health groups

Several months ago, California Senator Ellen Corbett introduced SB 648, a good piece of legislaion that would have said that ecigarettes cannot be smoked anywhere that cigarettes cannot be smoked.  She managed to get it out of the Senate, but the pro-tobacco Assembly Speaker John Perez sent to the Governmental Organizations committee, where good tobacco legislation goes to die.
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White House significantly weakened FDA's proposed rules for cigars and ecigs

The FDA posted marked-up copies of the deeming rule that it submitted to President Obama's Office of Managment and Budget showing the changes that OMB made.
Toni Clary and Sharon Begley from Reuters did an excellent job of highlighting the key changes; their story is here.
Key changes they describe include:
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More evidence against “continuum of risk” for heart disease: Quitting snus has same effect on MI risk as quitting smoking

I submitted this comment to FDA.
June 21, 2014
Food and Drug Administration
Docket No. FDA–2014–N–0189
RE: More evidence against “continuum of risk” related to heart disease
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Implementation of tobacco graphic warning labels in India: the interplay between the cigarette and the bidi industries

Sujatha Sankaran, Heikki Hiilamo, and I just published "Implementation of graphic health warning labels on tobacco products in India: the interplay between the cigarette and the bidi industries" in Tobacco Control.
Here is the abstract: 
Objectives To understand the competition between and among tobacco companies and health groups that led to graphical health warning labels (GHWL) on all tobacco products in India.
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Another innovative public health ad from Lorillard/Blu promoting cessation for the seriously addicted smoker trying to quit

Check it out at
This is, of course, part of Lorillard/Blu's ongoing advertising campaign promoting harm reduction; for earlier efforts, click here.

129 public health and medical authorities from 31 countries write WHO DG Chan urging evidence-based approach to ecigs

The following letter, signed by 129 public health and medical experts from 31 countries, representing every WHO region,  was delivered to WHO Director General Margaret Chan earlier today.  (PDF of letter)
I also submitted the letter to the FDA dockett on e-cigs; the tracking number is 1jy-8cp3-dzmg. Read more »

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