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Who Is More Frugal? UC or Gov Jerry Brown?

Governor Jerry Brown, who has carefully cultivated his image as a frugal fiscal disciplinarian. just released his budget where he continues to scold UC and CSU for being wasteful rather than accepting the reality that it costs money to provide high quality affordable higher education.  
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San Francisco launches e-cig public education campaign

The City and County of San Francisco has joined the State of Alaska in mounting a public education campaign on e-cigarettes.
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American Red Cross Pressured to Rid Itself of Tobacco Money

Today, January 7, 2015, the New York Times just published a Reuters investigative article exposing the tobacco industry’s global corporate responsibility (CSR) schemes. Read more »

UCSF "It's About a Billion Lives" public symposium will be January 30, 2015. All are welcome.

It’s About a Billion Lives
Celebrating Tobacco Research and Education at UCSF
Finish It. Tobacco Prevention for the Post-Millennial Generation Robin Koval
President and CEO, American Legacy Foundation
Health Impact of Expanding E-Cigarette Sales
Sara Kalkhoran, MD
Clinical Fellow Read more »

Flavor manufacturers warn companies that breathing heated flavors can be dangerous; relevant to e-cigs

E-cigarette companies and the people who support them love to point out that the flavors used in e-cigarettes are "generally recognized as safe" (GRAS).  The GRAS definition applies to ingested (eaten) not inhaled (breathed) use of these chemicals. 
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Alaska takes the lead on educating the public about e-cigarettes

Kudos to the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services for mounting the first media campaign (at least that I know of) designed to educate the public about the fact that e-cigarettes are not just "harmless water vapor."
You can see the ad here.
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Democratic Leaders call on state attorneys general to classify e-cigarettes under the Master Settlement Agreement

Congressmen Henry Waxman and Frank Pallone and Senator Dick Durbin have written a letter to all the state attorneys general to use the MSA to reign in out-of-control e-cigarette advertising.  Their statement and copies of all the letters are here.
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Sac Bee calls out Dems in California for continuing to protect Big Tobacco and ecigs

The lead editorial in the Sacramento Bee yesterday (Sunday, December 21, 2014), "E-cigarette boom among kids more than Feds’ fault: Tobacco money keeps state sidelined" is worth reading everywhere.

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Smoke- and tobacco-free college campus policies are working

Amanda Fallin, Maria Roditis, and I just published "Association of Campus Tobacco Policies With Secondhand Smoke Exposure, Intention to Smoke on Campus, and Attitudes About Outdoor Smoking Restrictions" in American Journal of Public Health.
We surveyed California college students between September 2013 and May 2014 with a range of policies (smoke-free indoors only, designated outdoor smoking areas, smoke-free, and tobacco-free).  We found:
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Implications of major national survey showing ecigs surpassing cigs among teens in 2014 in US

Last week, the University of Michigan released its NIH-funded Monitoring the Future survey that found that e-cigarette use had surpassed conventional cigarette youth among middle and high school students.  The results appropriately received major press coverage (including US News, USA Today, Read more »

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