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Tobacco documents reveal questionable professional recertification by industry menthol expert

Lorillard Tobacco's Jonathan Heck is one of the industry's leading experts on menthol, was appointed by the FDA to serve on it's Tobacco Products Scientific Committee, and is a primary author of the industry's submission to the FDA that argues that menthol is harmless.
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Why is James Marsden smoking a cigarette in the movie but a toothpick in the ad for "The D Train"?

This week a new comedy staring James Marsden and Jack Black opened.  The review of the movie in the San Francisco Chronicle  included a still from the movie clearly showing Marsden smoking a cigarette (top photo) but the ads for the movie and its official website show the same image (albiet with some photoshopping of the background and Black's jacket) of the two actors (bottom photo), this time wi Read more »

Comments on what Bonnie Herzog said Mitch Zeller said at the SFATA meeting

Several people have emailed me asking what I think about the summary of Mitch Zeller's comments at the SFATA conference published by Wells Fargo analyst Bonnie Herzog on May 5, 2015: Read more »

New Smokefree Movies ad names names of who’s accountable for exposing kids to smoking in movies

Our next Smokefree Movies ad that is running May 6 in The Hollywood Reporter and May 12 in Variety lists some of the most bankable names in Hollywood, along with prominent producers and directors, who are responsible for the most smoking in movies.
You can see the ad on the new Smokefree Movies web site here.
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It's been a year since the FDA proposed its deeming rule on e-cigs and other tobacco products and still no final action

It has been a year, after years of delay and meddling by the White House Office of Management and Budget, since the FDA released its proposed deeming rule on e-cigarettes and other tobacco products and we are still waiting for the final rule.  In the meantime out-of-control marketing by the cigarette and e-cigarette companies has led to exploding e-cigarette use, especially among kids.
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Status of Legislation to include e-cigarettes in California's clean indoor air law and youth access law (SB140)

Last year, in part because of lack of proactive support from the big health groups, a bill to include e-cigarettes in the state clean indoor air law was hijacked by behind-the-scenes lobbying by the big cigarette companies (for details, see out California report).
This year things are different.  As described below, the big health groups are working hard to support Senator Mark Leno’s SB140.  This is a very well-written bill that will make a substantial commitment to public health. Read more »

California health groups strongly support CDPH educational campaign on e-cigarettes

This letter was sent to Karen Smith, head of the California Department of Public Health, a couple days ago;
April 27, 2015
Karen Smith, M.D., M.P.H.
State Health Officer and Director
California Department of Public Health
1615 Capitol Ave.
Sacramento, CA 95814
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New Surgeon General says getting smoking out of kid movies would save 1 million kids’ lives

On April 22, 2015, Vivek H. Murthy took the oath of office to serve as US Surgeon General for the next four years.  His wide-ranging speech dealt with several aspects of tobacco control, including announcing that, “I want 100% tobacco-free campuses at every college and university in America. We’re already one-quarter of the way there. We in the federal government should lead by example, making our federal campuses – and over one million units of public housing – tobacco-free, too.”
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New report: Smoking in Top Grossing Movies: 2014

Jonathan R. Polansky, Kori Titus, Renata Atayeva, and I just released our analysis of smoking in 2014 films.  The full report is available at
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