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RJ Reynolds never published a well-done randomized clinical trial of snus for smoking cessation

Eunice Neeley and I just published "RJ Reynolds has not published a negative randomised clinical trial of Camel Snus for smoking cessation" in Tobacco Control.   This paper uses previously secret tobacco industry documents to track the design and completition of a trial RJR did that, had it been positive, could have supported a claim that snus was effective for smoking cessation, thus bolstering the widely-made claim in harm reduction circles that snus was good for har Read more »

New edition of our book Primer of Applied Regression and Analysis of Variance is out

Bryan Slinker, Tor Neilands, and I recently published the third edition of our book Primer of Applied Regression ana Analysis of VarianceWhile not for everyone -- my wife refuses to read it -- it does provide an intuitive Englsih language (as opposed to math) explanation of the multivariate methods we use in our research, with lotsof practical examples Read more »

Health Care Costs Drop Quickly After Smokers Quit

Health Care Costs Drop Quickly After Smokers Quit
UCSF Study Estimates How Much Smoking Reductions Can Save Each State
By Elizabeth Fernandez on May 10, 2016
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KQED Forum discussion on California Raises Smoking Age to 21, as FDA Tightens Regulations on E-Cigarettes

This excellent discussion features a kumbaya moment between Greg Conley and Stan Glantz.  Listen to it at

Tobacco documents show health warning labels printed on a yellow background with black lettering and borders best

Lauren Lempert and I just published "Implications of tobacco industry research on packaging colors for designing health warning labels" in Nicotine and Tobacco Research.  This paper uses previously secret tobacco industry documents to learn how to make better warning labels.
Here is the abstract:
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FDA deeming rule: A step forward, especially if the FDA acts quickly on the advertising rules and educational campaign

The FDA issued its “deeming rule” extending jurisdiction to e-cigarettes, all cigars, hookah, and other products (including products that have not been created).  The rule itself is 499 pages long, not counting related “guidance” documents that detail implementation.
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Canada-US young people unite in favor of smokefree movies

On Saturday, 9 April 2016, the eve of the MTV Movie Awards, kids from Canada and the US joined forces to call for smokefree youth-rated movies (press release).  
Jointly organized by the Ontario Coalition for Smoke-Free Movies and Reality Check of New York, 130 young people dressed in red and blue hit the streets around Toronto City Hall to hand out infographics on the dangers of on-screen smoking.
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California takes a big step forward when Governor Brown signs 5 strong tobacco control bills

Today, May 4, 2016, Governor Jerry Brown signed five tobacco control bills into law as part of the Governor’s special legislative session.
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Addiction refuses to allow discussion of industry ties to criticism of our “softening paper”

In June 2015 we published our paper “The smoking population in the USA and EU is softening not hardening” in the journal Tobacco Control. We showed that as smoking prevalence has declined over time, quit attempts increased in the USA and remained stable in Europe, US quit ratios increased (no data for EU), and consumption dropped in the USA and Europe. Read more »

MPAA, studios, and theaters argue that First Amendment protects their right to shout “Smoke!” in a crowded theater

That’s what Hollywood's attorneys are apparently asking a judge to decide. It’s the film industry’s first official response to the national class-action lawsuit filed against the MPAA and its member companies in March.
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