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When Mitch Zeller speaks at the SFATA meeting he should suggest they stop misrepresenting the CDC TIPS campaign on ecigs

Mitch Zeller will be a featured speaker at the Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association meeting in May
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What to do about the fact that e-cig use among kids is exploding

Yesterday (April 16, 2015), the CDC and FDA released the 2014 data on youth smoking in the MMWR.
Consistent with earlier results from the Monitoring the Future and several state studies, e-cigarettes are now the leading form of recreational nicotine use among kids.  Hookahs also increased.  (Some of this may be e-cigarettes because some kids call e-cigarettes “e-hookahs’.)  Use of conventional cigarettes dropped.
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Time Warner shareholders to vote on Smoke Free Movies: The first company to do so

In mid-June, Time Warner (who owns Warner Bros) will become the first major movie studio to hold a shareholder vote on a Smoke Free Movies proposal. As soon as Time Warner’s proxy ballot is released in late April, every share of stock in the company becomes one vote. At Time Warner’s annual meeting of shareholders in mid-June, there will be a presentation about the proposal, and the company will announce preliminary vote totals. This historic vote comes in the wake of Disney’s announcement that it will become the first movie studio to eliminate smoking in youth-rated films. Read more »

Preemption in Marijuana Policy: Never a Good Idea for Public Health

There has been an aggressive move to legalize recreational marijuana through ballot initiative by national marijuana advocacy groups after four states, Colorado, Washington, Alaska, and Oregon, legalized retail sales in 2012 and 2014 respectively.
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Marijuana Use and Heart Disease: Potential Effects of Public Exposure to Smoke

My colleague in the Division of Cardiology Matt Springer and I just released this policy briefing on secondhand marijuana smoke exposure.   These findings highlight the importance of including marijuana in smokefree laws as marijuana legalization continues to develop.  A PDF version of this briefing is available here.
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New UCSF report: Smokeless Tobacco in Sport and Use Among Adolescents

My colleagues Ben Chaffe, Chaffee, Elizabeth Couch, and Margaret Walsh just released a report, Smokeless Tobacco in Sport and Use Among Adolescents, that provides a current summary of the evidence on sports as promotional venues for smokeless tobacco use.  This report is particularly timely given debates around the state on whether cities and the state should prohibit smokeless tobacco use in baseball stadiums.
Here is a summary of the main points:
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CDC TIPS campaign educates e-cigarette users about dangers of dual use of e-cigs and cigs

The CDC TIPS for former smokers has release an ad warning people who are trying to quit smoking about the dangers of dual use of e-cigarettes and cigarettes.  This is an important and timely addition to the Tips from Former Smokers  campaign that the CDC has been running.
This is an important message to counter the misinformation that just replacing some cigaretters with e-cigarettes is a good thing.
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New industry claim that e-cigarettes will save Medicaid billions depends on people not carefully reading the "policy analysis"

A March 31, 2015 “policy analysis,” E-cigarettes Poised to Save Medicaid Billions, prepared by J. Scott Moody, the Chief Executive Officer and Chief economist at the organization State Budget Solutions, has started popping up state legislatures all over the country. 
The basic argument in this “policy analysis” is that
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How Big Vaping is misinforming the public about e-cigarettes

Julia Belluz of Vox Media published an excellent story summing up the hyper-aggressive social media presence that e-cigarette advocates have mounted against anyone with the temerity to question the unrestricted use of e-cigarettes.
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