The impact the tobacco industry is having outside the U.S. on globalizing the tobacco epidemic and strategies to mitigate this impact.
  • This four year program aims to recruit one-year fellows to conduct policy relevant research in Guatemala. During the program, fellows design, implement and disseminate their tobacco control projects. This program aims to analyze the impact a mentorship program can have in increasing the research capacity in Guatemala.

    Assistant Adjunct Professor of Epidemiology
  • "Extreme makeover"? Or more industry deception? This project explores the tobacco industry’s ‘corporate social responsibility’ efforts and their implications for public health and tobacco control.  

    Professor and Chair, Department of Social & Behavioral Sciences
  • This project includes a web-based smoking cessation resource for Spanish- and English-speaking smokers as well as a complementary project focused on LGBT smokers.  It also evaluates the feasibility of conducting randomized trials over the internet.  

    Professor In Residence
  • Dr. Perez-Stable's research is focused on Latino health care with an emphasis on cancer prevention. 

    Professor of Medicine
  • Dr. Hammond is conducting several projects on determinants of the effects of air pollution on asthma and other respiratory problems in children. Her Fresno Asthmatic Children's Environmental Study (FACES) is a longitudinal cohort study. This study will determine if children with asthma who have adverse responses to short-term, daily increase in concentration of ambient air pollutants and bioaerosols are more likely to have increased long-term asthma morbidity and decreased lung function growth. Another study examines the respiratory effects of early life exposure to fine particles and other indoor air pollutants in the community of San Lorenzo, Guatemala.

    Professor of Environmental Health Sciences, UC Berkeley