Frequently Asked Questions


Eligibility: Degree Requirement & Experience


Eligibility: Doctoral Degrees and  Previous Postdoc Fellowships & Professorships


Eligibility: International Students


Salary, Benefits, Vacation Time

What is the typical salary for the CTCRE fellowship positions?

Postdoctoral trainees will receive an annual salary commensurate with full years of experience since they were awarded their doctoral degrees. This salary is currently $51,000 - $61,000 - in compliance with the most recent collective bargaining agreement from the UAW Local 5810 (the Union representing all postdocs at UC). Please visit the UCSF Postdoc Scholar’s website for the most up to date info on the contract most recently signed. Please note that the stipend scale is subject to change in the period between application and the start of the program.


Application Timelines

When will I find out if I’ve been selected (or have not been selected)?

The Fellowship Committee will meet in February, March and April to review the applications. The Committee expects to finalize appointment decisions no later than early May.

The author of one of my letters of recommendation is on sabbatical (or out of the office, or unavailable). Can s/he submit his/her letter of recommendation after the application deadline?

Applications will be accepted until all positions are filled.


Application Process and Contact Info