The Center Faculty come from all four UCSF Schools and conduct research and teaching in every aspect of tobacco control, from efforts by the tobacco industry to manipulate international politics to the molecular biology of nicotine addiction.

Stacey Anderson, PhD

Assistant Adjunct Professor
Social Behavioral Sciences

Public health policy and social cognition focusing on investigating marketing strategies that tap implicit constructs of self and perceptions of others, pair brand identities with personal identities, and encourage consumption of products detrimental to individual and public health.

Dorie Apollonio, PhD

Associate Professor
Clinical Pharmacy

Health policy and tobacco control, particularly the ways that clinical research is translated into policy interventions and public knowledge.

Mehrdad Arjomandi, MD

Assistant Professor In-Residence of Medicine

Physiologic and inflammatory mechanisms of airway remodeling in various exposure-response models such as ozone-induced oxidative injury, allergic airway inflammation, and wood or tobacco smoke-induced airway injury.

John Balmes, MD

Prrofessor in Residence

Respiratory and cardiovascular health effects of various air pollutants, focusing on the airway inflammatory effects of ozone, secondhand tobacco smoke, and wood smoke.

Neal Benowitz, MD

Professor Emeritus

Human pharmacology of nicotine in relation to addiction and the pathogenesis of and individual differences in vulnerability to tobacco-related disease, and the use of pharmacologic data as a basis for public health policies to prevent and reduce such disease.

Stella Bialous, RN, DrPH, FAAN

Assoc Professor in Residence
Social Behavioral Sciences

WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, tobacco industry monitoring and building nurses’ capacity for tobacco control nationally and internationally.

Paul Blanc, MD

Division Chief

Toxic exposures and illness with focus on the role of environmental factors and disease prevention if factors were eliminated.

Mai-Khanh Bui-Duy, MD

Assistant Clinical Professor

Improving chronic disease management and interdisciplinary care and education as well as transitions from acute/post-acute settings back to primary care.

Esteban G. Burchard, MD, MPH


Identify and characterize genetic, environmental and social factors that predispose to asthma and modify drug response with special interest in how racially-specific genetic differences that modify disease and response to treatment.

Carolyn Calfee, MD, MAS

Assistant Professor of Medicine

Effects of active and passive smoking on susceptibility to acute lung injury, a major cause of respiratory failure in critically ill patients.