The Center Faculty come from all four UCSF Schools and conduct research and teaching in every aspect of tobacco control, from efforts by the tobacco industry to manipulate international politics to the molecular biology of nicotine addiction.

Timothy Carmody, PhD

Clinical Professor

Behavioral medicine, including treatment of nicotine dependence, chronic pain, behavioral factors in coronary heart disease, and obesity/weight management.

Janine Cataldo, RN, PhD, FAAN

Physiological Nursing

Understanding behaviors and cognitive and affective factors associated with tobacco use among older adults.

Benjamin Chaffee, DDS, MPH, PhD

Assistant Professor
Preventive & Restor Dent Sci

Understand how behaviors, biological attributes, and social circumstances influence health and disease distributions, often inequitably, across populations.

Jing Cheng, MD, MS, PhD

Adjunct Professor
Preventive & Restor Dent Sci

Assessment of the impact of tobacco use on health outcomes and healthcare expenditures.

Robin Corelli, PharmD

Clinical Pharmacy

Tobacco cessation education and training to estimate the impact of approaches for generating community pharmacy-based referrals to tobacco cessation telephone quitlines.

Kevin Delucchi, PhD

Professor in Residence

Statistical methods for analysis of quantitative data including clinical trials of treatments for smoking cessation.

Stuart Gansky, MS, DrPH

Professor, School of Dentistry
Preventive & Restor Dent Sci

Oral health research, health disparities research, applied statistical analyses and related methodological issues.

Peter Ganz

Chief, Cardiology/SFGH

Cardiovascular effects and potential harms of conventional, new and emerging tobacco products.

Stanton Glantz, PhD

Professor of Medicine

Health effects of secondhand smoke (with particular emphasis on the cardiovascular system), health and economic effects of tobacco control policies, e-cigarettes, marijuana policy, smoking in movies.

Warren Gold, MD

Professor of Medicine

Long-term effects of second hand cigarette smoke on flight attendants.