Jennifer Fung, PhD

Professor In Residence
Ob/Gyn, Reproductive Sciences
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An Unsupervised Learning Approach to Resolve Phenotype to Genotype Mapping in Budding Yeasts Vacuoles.

Image Analysis and Processing – ICIAP 2023

Vito Paolo Pastore, Paolo Didier Alfano, Ashwini Oke, Sara Capponi, Daniel Eltanan, Xavier Woodruff-Madeira, Anita Nguyen, Jennifer Carol Fung, Simone Bianco

Efficient unsupervised learning of biological images with compressed deep features.

Image and Vision Computing

Vito Paolo Pastore, Massimiliano Ciranni, Simone Bianco, Jennifer Carol Fung, Vittorio Murino, Francesca Odone

Homologous chromosome recognition via nonspecific interactions.

bioRxiv : the preprint server for biology

Marshall WF, Fung JC

A Role for Synaptonemal Complex in Meiotic Mismatch Repair.


Karen Voelkel-Meiman, Ashwini Oke, Arden Feil, Alexander Shames, Jennifer Fung, Amy J MacQueen

Network Rewiring of Homologous Recombination Enzymes during Mitotic Proliferation and Meiosis.

Molecular cell

Wild P, Susperregui A, Piazza I, Dörig C, Oke A, Arter M, Yamaguchi M, Hilditch AT, Vuina K, Chan KC, Gromova T, Haber JE, Fung JC, Picotti P, Matos J

Regulated Crossing-Over Requires Inactivation of Yen1/GEN1 Resolvase during Meiotic Prophase I.

Developmental cell

Arter M, Hurtado-Nieves V, Oke A, Zhuge T, Wettstein R, Fung JC, Blanco MG, Matos J

In Vivo Imaging of Budding Yeast Meiosis.

Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.)

Pollard MG, Fung JC

DAZL and CPEB1 regulate mRNA translation synergistically during oocyte maturation.


Joao P. Sousa Martins, Xueqing Liu, Ashwini Oke, Ripla Arora, Federica Franciosi, Stephan Viville, Diana J. Laird, Jennifer C. Fung, Marco Conti

DAZL and CPEB1 regulate mRNA translation synergistically during oocyte maturation.

Journal of cell science

Sousa Martins JP, Liu X, Oke A, Arora R, Franciosi F, Viville S, Laird DJ, Fung JC, Conti M

The kinetochore prevents centromere-proximal crossover recombination during meiosis.


Vincenten N, Kuhl LM, Lam I, Oke A, Kerr AR, Hochwagen A, Fung J, Keeney S, Vader G, Marston AL

Follicle dynamics and global organization in the intact mouse ovary.

Developmental biology

Faire M, Skillern A, Arora R, Nguyen DH, Wang J, Chamberlain C, German MS, Fung JC, Laird DJ

Down-regulation of Rad51 activity during meiosis in yeast prevents competition with Dmc1 for repair of double-strand breaks.

PLoS genetics

Liu Y, Gaines WA, Callender T, Busygina V, Oke A, Sung P, Fung JC, Hollingsworth NM

High throughput sequencing reveals alterations in the recombination signatures with diminishing Spo11 activity.

PLoS genetics

Rockmill B, Lefrançois P, Voelkel-Meiman K, Oke A, Roeder GS, Fung JC

High-resolution restoration of 3D structures from widefield images with extreme low signal-to-noise-ratio.

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America

Arigovindan M, Fung JC, Elnatan D, Mennella V, Chan YH, Pollard M, Branlund E, Sedat JW, Agard DA

Mitochondrial network size scaling in budding yeast.

Science (New York, N.Y.)

Rafelski SM, Viana MP, Zhang Y, Chan YH, Thorn KS, Yam P, Fung JC, Li H, Costa Lda F, Marshall WF

Mapping of crossover sites using DNA microarrays.

Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.)

Chen SY, Fung JC

Global analysis of the meiotic crossover landscape.

Developmental cell

Chen SY, Tsubouchi T, Rockmill B, Sandler JS, Richards DR, Vader G, Hochwagen A, Roeder GS, Fung JC

The Sgs1 helicase regulates chromosome synapsis and meiotic crossing over.

Current biology : CB

Rockmill B, Fung JC, Branda SS, Roeder GS

Homologous DNA Interactions in Interphase: Spatial Organization of Interphase Nucleus.

Encyclopedia of Life Sciences

Jennifer C Fung, John W Sedat, Wallace F Marshall

Homologous chromosome pairing in Drosophila melanogaster proceeds through multiple independent initiations.

The Journal of cell biology

Fung JC, Marshall WF, Dernburg A, Agard DA, Sedat JW

New Insights Into the Three-Dimensional Structure of the Nucleus and Chromosomes.

Microscopy and Microanalysis

J. Sedat, W. Marshall, A. Dernburg, J. Fung, D. Agard

Microstructural Analysis of a Cubic Bicontinuous Morphology in a Neat SIS Triblock Copolymer.


Jonathan H. Laurer, Damian A. Hajduk, Jennifer C. Fung, John W. Sedat, Steven D. Smith, Sol M. Gruner, David A. Agard, Richard J. Spontak

Deconstructing the nucleus: global architecture from local interactions.

Current opinion in genetics & development

Marshall WF, Fung JC, Sedat JW

From Micelles to Randomly Connected, Bilayered Membranes in Dilute Block Copolymer Blends.


Jonathan H. Laurer, Jennifer C. Fung, John W. Sedat, Steven D. Smith, Jon Samseth, Kell Mortensen, David A. Agard, Richard J. Spontak

Phase Behavior of Complex Diblock Copolymer Blends: A Transmission Electron Microscopy Study.

J.C. Fung, L. Kane, S.D. Smith, J.W. Sedat, D.A. Agard, R.J. Spontak

Direct measurement of chromatin diffusion and constraint in living cells using a gfp-lac repressor fusion protein.

Microscopy and Microanalysis

W.F. Marshall, A.F. Straight, A. Murray, J.C. Fung, J. Marko, D.A. Agard, J.W. Sedat

Perturbation of nuclear architecture by long-distance chromosome interactions.


Dernburg AF, Broman KW, Fung JC, Marshall WF, Philips J, Agard DA, Sedat JW

Architecture-Induced Phase Immiscibility in a Diblock/Multiblock Copolymer Blend.


Richard J. Spontak, Jennifer C. Fung, Michael B. Braunfeld, John W. Sedat, David A. Agard, Arman Ashraf, Steven D. Smith

Phase Behavior of Ordered Diblock Copolymer Blends:  Effect of Compositional Heterogeneity.


Richard J. Spontak, Jennifer C. Fung, Michael B. Braunfeld, John W. Sedat, David A. Agard, Lisaleigh Kane, Steven D. Smith, Michael M. Satkowski, Arman Ashraf, Damian A. Hajduk, Sol M. Gruner

Toward fully automated high-resolution electron tomography

Journal of Structural Biology

Fung JC, Liu W, de Ruijter WJ, Chen H, Abbey CK, Sedat JW, Agard DA

Three-dimensional structural characterization of centrosomes from early Drosophila embryos.

The Journal of cell biology

Moritz M, Braunfeld MB, Fung JC, Sedat JW, Alberts BM, Agard DA

Automated electron tomography: from data collection to image processing.

Microscopy and Microanalysis

Weiping Liu, Jennifer Fung, W.J. de Ruijter, Hans Chen, John W. Sedat, David A. Agard

Automatic/interactive bead alignment in electron tomographic image processing.

Microscopy and Microanalysis

Weiping Liu, Jennifer Fung, Craig Abbey, John W. Sedat, David A. Agard

Three-Dimensional reconstruction of the synaptonemal complex from pachytene maize meiocytes using Electron Microscopy tomography.

Microscopy and Microanalysis

Jennifer C. Fung, Bethe A. Scalettar, David A. Agard, John W. Sedat