It’s About a Billion Lives Annual Symposium

Friday, January 28, 2022

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Keynote Speaker, Pebbles Fagan, PhD, MPH, Professor and Director, Center for the Study of Tobacco at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences: "Social Justice and Deconstructing Racism in the Tobacco Prevention and Control Movement"  (5m:25 sec)

Two of these presentations are from our postdoctoral fellows and graduates.  Interested in joining us for postdoctoral fellowship?  LEARN MORE  

  • "Effects of aerosol from e-cigarettes and marijuana on arterial function," Poonam Rao, MBBS, Postdoctoral Fellow, Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education (1h:18m)
  • "Using Big Data to Understand the Health Effects of Cannabis," Salomeh Keyhani, MD, Professor, UCSF Division of General Internal Medicine (1h:39m)
  • "E-cigarettes, medications, dietary supplements and the regulation road less traveled," Candy Tsourounis, PharmD, Professor, UCSF Department of Clinical Pharmacy (2h:17m)
  • "Tobacco Industry Influence on Smoke-Free Policies in Multi-Unit Housing: An Evaluation of Tobacco Industry Documents," Joshua Miller, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow, Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education (2h:54m)

Closing Remarks, Alicia Fernandez, MD, Professor, UCSF Division of General Internal Medicine at Zuckerberg San Francisco General

This event is co-presented by The UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center, and the UCSF Multiethnic Health Equity Research Center (MERC).

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