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San Francisco Cancer Initiative (SF CAN) is a collaborative effort to reduce cancer in San Francisco.


Open access publications from the University of California and the Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education.

Annual Tobacco Documents Workshop

The University of California, San Francisco Center for Tobacco Research and Education, an interdisciplinary research community, offers a one-day workshop on using tobacco industry documents for advocacy. 

Reports on State Tobacco Policy Making

Professor Stanton Glantz’ research group has completed detailed histories of tobacco control policymaking and efforts by the tobacco industry to thwart these policies in 29 states.  These reports include details on political activities of both sides as well as histories of tobacco industry campaign contributions and lobbying activities as well as state tobacco control programs. 

Smoke Free Movies

Reducing the value of movies to replace the 400,000 smokers the tobacco industry kills every year.

Truth Tobacco Industry Documents

Over 92 million pages of previously secret tobacco industry documents from US tobacco companies made available as a result of litigation against the industry.

CTCRE Newsletters

The Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education newsletters from 2007-2023. 

Rx for Change

Evidence-based training for clinicians on how to help people stop smoking and using other tobacco products.

Smoking Cessation Leadership Center

The Smoking Cessation Leadership Center is a national program office of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation that aims to increase smoking cessation rates and increase the number of health professionals who help smokers quit. The Center creates partnerships for results with a variety of groups and institutions to develop and implement action plans around smoking cessation.

Tobacco Control Archive

Paper and media collections at the UCSF Library include organizational records of agencies and activist groups, as well as papers of individuals active in tobacco control. The archive also contains details of federal and state lawsuits and rulings against the tobacco industry.


Nurse activists who work to focus public attention on the behavior of the tobacco industry and its contribution to the preventable epidemic of tobacco-caused disease and death.