The Center Faculty come from all four UCSF Schools and conduct research and teaching in every aspect of tobacco control, from efforts by the tobacco industry to manipulate international politics to the molecular biology of nicotine addiction.

Lisa Kroon, PharmD

Clinical Pharmacy

Tobacco cessation education and training of health professionals.

Susan Lee, MD


Feasibility and acceptability of e-cigarettes versus nicotine replacement therapy for smoking cessation in the perioperative period.

Heather Leutwyler, RN, PhD, NP

Associate Professor
Physiological Nursing

Dr. Leutwyler has extensive research and clinical experiences working with adults with serious mental illness, and her research focuses on identifying factors associated with poor physical health among adults with schizophrenia and conducting interventions to promote physical health among adults with serious mental illness. Currently, Dr. Leutwyler is the PI of a TRDRP-funded pilot 2-arm RCT to examine the feasibility and potential efficacy of a game-based group physical activity intervention, along with cessation counseling and pharmacotherapy, to increase successful smoking cessation in smokers with serious mental illness.

James Lightwood, PhD

Associate Professor
Clinical Pharmacy

Estimating the changes in direct healthcare costs due to changes in smoking behavior in large populations, and changes in exposure to passive smoking and health care cost and utilization attributable to adoption of smoke-free laws.

Pamela Ling, MD, MPH


Tobacco industry marketing strategies targeting young adults, women, and other high risk population, and new smokeless and novel tobacco product marketing strategies with focus on how to use tobacco industry marketing strategies to improve tobacco control programs.

Ruth Malone, RN, PhD, FAAN

Social Behavioral Sciences

Tobacco industry activities aimed at undermining public health, strategic positioning and messaging, marginalized populations, and emerging developments in the social construction of tobacco use.

Jyothi Marbin, MD

Associate Professor

Impact of tobacco on low income, urban children and reducing the burden of secondhand smoke on children with focus on the impact of electronic health record changes on clinical uptake of tobacco cessation interventions, as well as the use of online trainings to train physicians on smoking cessation.

Gregory Marcus, MD, MAS


Cardiovascular effects of alcohol, atrial fibrillation, supraventricular, implantable cardiac devices with broader interests in clinical research study design and genetic epidemiology.

Michael Matthay, MD

Director of the Critical Care Medicine Training , Associate Director of the Intensive Care Unit, Professor

Effects of cigarette smoke and e-cigarette aerosols on susceptibility to acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), a major cause of respiratory failure in critically ill patients.

Wendy Max, PhD

Dir Emerita & Prof Emerita
Institute for Health & Aging

Economic impact of tobacco on health and healthcare expenditures.