February 10, 2019

Stanton A. Glantz, PhD

Kid-friendly cannabis edibles illustrate need for better enforcement and childproof packaging law

An op-ed in Sacramento Bee recently described the dangers of accidental ingestion of marijuana-laced edibles by children and calling for childproof packaging. It is also accompanied by a video from Fresno County illustrating seizures of unlicensed marijuana edibles and high potency concentrates, many of which are clearly imitating common candies and attractive to children.  Both are worth reading/watching.

In the recent regulatory battle, the State proposed initially to drop even the existing requirement for "child-resistant" primary packaging. Fortunately, that was reinstated in the regulations after protests, but many from the industry continue to falsely portray the products as harmless and not requiring child resistant  packaging.

Thanks to Matthew Marson and Lynn Silver for sharing this with me so I could pass it along.

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