March 23, 2011

Stanton A. Glantz, PhD

More evidence on why the FDA must ban menthol and an additive and not just menthol "cigarettes"

Pascal Diethelm recently circulated a great example of how BAT is pushing menthol to young people in Switzerland using "flavor capsule" technology.  Halfway through puffing on a Kent cigarette, the smoker can break with his/her teeth a capsule of menthol located in the filter and the cigarette will deliver the menthol flavor.  It would only be a small step from this to suggest using a menthol snus or orb with your cigs if menthol was banned from the cigs per se. See the ads at Kent Add 20Minutes 21 Feb 2011 Full page  and Kent Add 20Minutes 21 Feb 2011 Ad only. Accomplishing this aim will require strong and unambiguous pressure on the FDA by a unified health community.  

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