November 16, 2019

Stanton A. Glantz, PhD

More evidence that you don't need combustion to adversely affect blood vessels, this time from marijuana vaporizers

All the evidence from studies of e-cigarettes and heated tobacco products is pointing to the conclusion that the FDA, our friends in England, and others are way too focused on combustible tobacco products.  Inhaling an aerosol of ultrafine particles of various carriers, flavors, and other chemicals is being linked to a wide range of adverse effects.

That case continued to expand with release of the new study "Impairment of Endothelial Function by Aerosol From Marijuana Leaf Vaporizers," which will be presented by Jiangtao Liu, Pooneh Nabavizadeh,Poonam Rao, Ronak Derakhshandeh and Matthew L Springer at the American Heart Association Annual Scientific Sessions this week.

They studied Volcano and Yocan marijuana leaf vaporizers, which gently heat leaves and sublimates THC without combustion.  They found that the resulting aerosols  substantially impaired the ability of arteries to dilate in response to demands for increased blood flow (endothelial function) in rats comparably to marijuana smoke. Interestingly, these effects did not depend on the presence of THC.


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