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Candice M. Bowling, JD, MPA, obtained a law degree from Washington University in Saint Louis, School of Law (2013), and an MPA specializing in cannabis regulation and governance at University of Colorado—Denver (2016) with a thesis component entitled “Environmental Interventions In Colorado Retail Marijuana Law.”  Following law school, Candice gained experience in drug regulation during her time clerking for the Supreme Court of West Virginia, 11th Judicial Circuit.  Candice gained additional expertise in the field of cannabis regulation through her private consultant work on comparative analyses of state-level cannabis laws made available to the State of Missouri; and through her employment with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment in the cannabis division where she gained extensive knowledge of local control and cannabis regulation, law, and policy.  She presented at the 2016 APHA Conference in Denver on “Local marijuana regulations and implications for public health,” Candice’s current research foci include tracking the policy process surrounding cannabis legalization; public administration of cannabis regulation and governance; and special issues relating to local control of cannabis regulation.        

During their postdoctoral fellowships, they will be preparing detailed case studies on policy-making in states with a variety of marijuana policies, including research on development and outcomes of relevant legislation, implementation, funding and management of marijuana and tobacco control programs, efforts of public health advocates to promote public health programs, and opposition to public health  policies by the marijuana and tobacco industries and their allies and surrogates.


Civic Engagement in California Cannabis Policy Development.

Journal of psychoactive drugs

Bowling C, Glantz SA