Hugh Sturrock, PhD

Assistant Professor
Epidemiology & Biostatistics
+1 415 476-5670

Evaluation of loop-mediated isothermal amplification as a surveillance tool for malaria in reactive case detection moving towards elimination.

Malaria journal

Tambo M, Auala JR, Sturrock HJ, Kleinschmidt I, Bock R, Smith JL, Gosling R, Mumbengegwi DR

Mathematical models of human mobility of relevance to malaria transmission in Africa.

Scientific reports

Marshall JM, Wu SL, Sanchez C HM, Kiware SS, Ndhlovu M, Ouédraogo AL, Touré MB, Sturrock HJ, Ghani AC, Ferguson NM

Is there a correlation between malaria incidence and IRS coverage in western Zambezi region, Namibia?

Public health action

Mumbengegwi DR, Sturrock H, Hsiang M, Roberts K, Kleinschmidt I, Nghipumbwa M, Uusiku P, Smith J, Bennet A, Kizito W, Takarinda K, Ade S, Gosling R

Study protocol for a cluster randomised controlled factorial design trial to assess the effectiveness and feasibility of reactive focal mass drug administration and vector control to reduce malaria transmission in the low endemic setting of Namibia.

BMJ open

Medzihradsky OF, Kleinschmidt I, Mumbengegwi D, Roberts KW, McCreesh P, Dufour MK, Uusiku P, Katokele S, Bennett A, Smith J, Sturrock H, Prach LM, Ntuku H, Tambo M, Didier B, Greenhouse B, Gani Z, Aerts A, Gosling R, Hsiang MS

Mapping land cover change over continental Africa using Landsat and Google Earth Engine cloud computing.

PloS one

Midekisa A, Holl F, Savory DJ, Andrade-Pacheco R, Gething PW, Bennett A, Sturrock HJW

Spatial clustering of patent and sub-patent malaria infections in northern Namibia: Implications for surveillance and response strategies for elimination.

PloS one

Smith JL, Auala J, Tambo M, Haindongo E, Katokele S, Uusiku P, Gosling R, Kleinschmidt I, Mumbengegwi D, Sturrock HJW

Optimising cluster survey design for planning schistosomiasis preventive chemotherapy.

PLoS neglected tropical diseases

Knowles SCL, Sturrock HJW, Turner H, Whitton JM, Gower CM, Jemu S, Phillips AE, Meite A, Thomas B, Kollie K, Thomas C, Rebollo MP, Styles B, Clements M, Fenwick A, Harrison WE, Fleming FM

Spatial Distribution of Falciparum Malaria Infections in Zanzibar: Implications for Focal Drug Administration Strategies Targeting Asymptomatic Parasite Carriers.

Clinical infectious diseases : an official publication of the Infectious Diseases Society of America

Björkman A, Cook J, Sturrock H, Msellem M, Ali A, Xu W, Molteni F, Gosling R, Drakeley C, Mårtensson A

Malaria risk in young male travellers but local transmission persists: a case-control study in low transmission Namibia.

Malaria journal

Smith JL, Auala J, Haindongo E, Uusiku P, Gosling R, Kleinschmidt I, Mumbengegwi D, Sturrock HJ

The challenge of imported malaria to eliminating countries.

The Lancet. Infectious diseases

Liu Y, Sturrock HJW, Yang H, Gosling RD, Cao J

The Hitchhiking Parasite: Why Human Movement Matters to Malaria Transmission and What We Can Do About It.

Trends in parasitology

Marshall JM, Bennett A, Kiware SS, Sturrock HJW

Spatiotemporal Analysis of Malaria in Urban Ahmedabad (Gujarat), India: Identification of Hot Spots and Risk Factors for Targeted Intervention.

The American journal of tropical medicine and hygiene

Parizo J, Sturrock HJ, Dhiman RC, Greenhouse B

Mapping Malaria Risk in Low Transmission Settings: Challenges and Opportunities.

Trends in parasitology

Sturrock HJW, Bennett AF, Midekisa A, Gosling RD, Gething PW, Greenhouse B

Predicting malaria vector distribution under climate change scenarios in China: Challenges for malaria elimination.

Scientific reports

Ren Z, Wang D, Ma A, Hwang J, Bennett A, Sturrock HJ, Fan J, Zhang W, Yang D, Feng X, Xia Z, Zhou XN, Wang J

Information systems to support surveillance for malaria elimination.

The American journal of tropical medicine and hygiene

Ohrt C, Roberts KW, Sturrock HJ, Wegbreit J, Lee BY, Gosling RD

Tackling imported malaria: an elimination endgame.

The American journal of tropical medicine and hygiene

Sturrock HJ, Roberts KW, Wegbreit J, Ohrt C, Gosling RD

Poor housing construction associated with increased malaria incidence in a cohort of young Ugandan children.

The American journal of tropical medicine and hygiene

Snyman K, Mwangwa F, Bigira V, Kapisi J, Clark TD, Osterbauer B, Greenhouse B, Sturrock H, Gosling R, Liu J, Dorsey G

Spatial-temporal variation and primary ecological drivers of Anopheles sinensis human biting rates in malaria epidemic-prone regions of China.

PloS one

Ren Z, Wang D, Hwang J, Bennett A, Sturrock HJ, Ma A, Huang J, Xia Z, Feng X, Wang J

Factors associated with the performance and cost-effectiveness of using lymphatic filariasis transmission assessment surveys for monitoring soil-transmitted helminths: a case study in Kenya.

The American journal of tropical medicine and hygiene

Smith JL, Sturrock HJ, Assefa L, Nikolay B, Njenga SM, Kihara J, Mwandawiro CS, Brooker SJ

The independent effect of living in malaria hotspots on future malaria infection: an observational study from Misungwi, Tanzania.

Malaria journal

Mosha JF, Sturrock HJ, Brown JM, Hashim R, Kibiki G, Chandramohan D, Gosling RD

Fine-scale malaria risk mapping from routine aggregated case data.

Malaria journal

Sturrock HJ, Cohen JM, Keil P, Tatem AJ, Le Menach A, Ntshalintshali NE, Hsiang MS, Gosling RD

Communicating and monitoring surveillance and response activities for malaria elimination: China's "1-3-7" strategy.

PLoS medicine

Cao J, Sturrock HJ, Cotter C, Zhou S, Zhou H, Liu Y, Tang L, Gosling RD, Feachem RG, Gao Q

Hot spot or not: a comparison of spatial statistical methods to predict prospective malaria infections.

Malaria journal

Mosha JF, Sturrock HJ, Greenwood B, Sutherland CJ, Gadalla NB, Atwal S, Hemelaar S, Brown JM, Drakeley C, Kibiki G, Bousema T, Chandramohan D, Gosling RD

Epidemiology of subpatent Plasmodium falciparum infection: implications for detection of hotspots with imperfect diagnostics.

Malaria journal

Mosha JF, Sturrock HJ, Greenhouse B, Greenwood B, Sutherland CJ, Gadalla N, Atwal S, Drakeley C, Kibiki G, Bousema T, Chandramohan D, Gosling R

Targeting asymptomatic malaria infections: active surveillance in control and elimination.

PLoS medicine

Sturrock HJ, Hsiang MS, Cohen JM, Smith DL, Greenhouse B, Bousema T, Gosling RD

Reactive case detection for malaria elimination: real-life experience from an ongoing program in Swaziland.

PloS one

Sturrock HJ, Novotny JM, Kunene S, Dlamini S, Zulu Z, Cohen JM, Hsiang MS, Greenhouse B, Gosling RD

The changing epidemiology of malaria elimination: new strategies for new challenges.

Lancet (London, England)

Cotter C, Sturrock HJ, Hsiang MS, Liu J, Phillips AA, Hwang J, Gueye CS, Fullman N, Gosling RD, Feachem RG

Spatial parasite ecology and epidemiology: a review of methods and applications.


Pullan RL, Sturrock HJ, Soares Magalhães RJ, Clements AC, Brooker SJ

Prevalence of trachoma in unity state, South Sudan: results from a large-scale population-based survey and potential implications for further surveys.

PLoS neglected tropical diseases

Edwards T, Smith J, Sturrock HJ, Kur LW, Sabasio A, Finn TP, Lado M, Haddad D, Kolaczinski JH

Spatial modelling of soil-transmitted helminth infections in Kenya: a disease control planning tool.

PLoS neglected tropical diseases

Pullan RL, Gething PW, Smith JL, Mwandawiro CS, Sturrock HJ, Gitonga CW, Hay SI, Brooker S

Optimal survey designs for targeting chemotherapy against soil-transmitted helminths: effect of spatial heterogeneity and cost-efficiency of sampling.

The American journal of tropical medicine and hygiene

Sturrock HJ, Gething PW, Clements AC, Brooker S

Integrated mapping of neglected tropical diseases: epidemiological findings and control implications for northern Bahr-el-Ghazal State, Southern Sudan.

PLoS neglected tropical diseases

Sturrock HJ, Picon D, Sabasio A, Oguttu D, Robinson E, Lado M, Rumunu J, Brooker S, Kolaczinski JH

The performance of haematuria reagent strips for the rapid mapping of urinary schistosomiasis: field experience from Southern Sudan.

Tropical medicine & international health : TM & IH

Robinson E, Picon D, Sturrock HJ, Sabasio A, Lado M, Kolaczinski J, Brooker S