Joanne Lyu, PhD

Postdoctoral Scholar

Joanne Lyu, PhD, received her PhD in Communication from The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Prior to joining CTCRE, she was an Assistant Professor at Macau University of Science and Technology, and most recently at The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong. During her doctoral study, Joanne won a Top Student Paper award in the Public Relations (PR) Division at the 2012 annual conference of International Communication Association (ICA). In 2017, as a principal investigator, she was awarded a Hong Kong government research grant. Joanne is excited to be a member of CTCRE. She is very much looking forward to studying the PR and marketing strategies used by the tobacco industry, and exploring the social, relational, and individual factors influencing smoking behavior and smoking cessation. Joanne is also eager to branch out into other research areas in tobacco education and control during her fellowship at CTCRE.


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