Lisa Kroon, PharmD

Clinical Pharmacy
+1 415 476-1687

Dr. Lisa Kroon is a Professor of Clinical Pharmacy in the Department of Clinical Pharmacy in the School of Pharmacy at the University of California in San Francisco. She holds an executive pharmacy leadership role at UCSF Health since 2020, where she was appointed the Assistant Chief Pharmacy Officer for Clinical Innovation, Education, and Research for the Pharmacy Enterprise, where she oversees ambulatory pharmacy practice. Dr. Kroon received her Doctor of Pharmacy at the University of Michigan and then completed two years of residency at UCSF in pharmacy practice and hospital pharmacy administration. She has been a member of the UCSF faculty since 1996. She practices in the UCSF Medical Center’s Adult Diabetes Clinic and Diabetes Teaching Center, where she cares for people with diabetes and chronic illnesses. She co-directs the Fontana Tobacco Treatment Center ( Her current research interests include evaluating the impact of pharmacist provider status and expanded scope of practice, diabetes therapeutics, tobacco cessation, and innovative practice models in the community pharmacy setting.


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